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  1. Agreed. That's precisely the attitude that NP likes in a player as well.
  2. Oh dear, he’s only given NP 4 in his ratings.
  3. Gregors question re TM was unnecessary and downright stupid. What did he expect NP to say.....he had already answered the question.
  4. A win tonight will give the squad confidence going into the Boro game.
  5. I would definitely have Kalas as one of the central defenders and Wells up top. Otherwise I am in complete agreement.
  6. They have. Might not even have a team to support unless the ownership is sorted quickly.
  7. Is it at Ashton Gate or the HPC. The OS contradicts itself.
  8. 1951 (showing my age now)...Swindon away....0-0 draw. Taken by my father and grandfather
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