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  1. The only sporting related tender going around at the moment is the training ground at failand
  2. Rob Cousins, though he didn't play for us is a good local league player and coach. He's still playing this season with Brislington I think. He only got the call Saturday morning from Gary Owers.
  3. To be fair my boss did exactly that but it was around 1970 and in all the time I've worked for him all he's ever done is moan about them
  4. I've played darts in there, straight out of the 70s
  5. Apparently all he has to do is put pen to paper.
  6. I really wasn't saying you were, it was a comment on society and people in general.
  7. Is it? Can you say you have no prejudices? I don't think I can. I don't think of myself as being racist certainly not consciously anyway but I can't I've never looked at someone different and thought differently about them. Surely that's what he means? If we all accepted that then dealing with it would be so much easier. If we can all agree that we All have prejudices then we can could all change it.
  8. Doesn't matter who has the contract to show European games, UEFA state the finals have to be offered free to air by the rights holder. So BT use their YouTube channel and their own Web channels
  9. Cheap, tacky and naff, but then it's not aimed at me. It's clearly aimed at the younger fan base. Mind you my 15 year old son thinks its awful :laugh:
  10. Those morons with the nice new Bristol Leeds Fans flag were particularly loathsome
  11. Wasn't Snack Box owned by their own director? Boycie if I remember correctly?
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