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  1. The only sporting related tender going around at the moment is the training ground at failand
  2. Rob Cousins, though he didn't play for us is a good local league player and coach. He's still playing this season with Brislington I think. He only got the call Saturday morning from Gary Owers.
  3. To be fair my boss did exactly that but it was around 1970 and in all the time I've worked for him all he's ever done is moan about them
  4. I've played darts in there, straight out of the 70s
  5. Cheap, tacky and naff, but then it's not aimed at me. It's clearly aimed at the younger fan base. Mind you my 15 year old son thinks its awful :laugh:
  6. Wasn't Snack Box owned by their own director? Boycie if I remember correctly?
  7. Own up. Who texted or tweeted this? Thatchers years and Darrell and dog's abuse in the one message, can only have been one of us.
  8. When I read on here that there were fans who still peddled and believed that wally and family were uber rich I didn't actually believe it. However in the pub for darts I've just been told that they are probably the richest club in the country SOUTH of MANCHESTER. The family own the national bank of Jordan and are worth over £9 Billion but they just won't spend any. He genuinely believes this. I'm so gobsmacked that I haven't been able to speak to him since. I have to admit I couldn't stop the stupid grin and giggle as he said it and now I can't look at him without wondering how they believe this shit but I suppose it's because they fall for this nonsense that they're in this position in the first place. To be fair my gas supporting team mates don't believe that.
  9. And not to be forgotten, Bar 501 is owned by City fans
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