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  1. Very average players. We can blame management but it’s the players that have lost 7 in a row, one shot per game and no corners in 3 games. Palmer and Lansbury for ex premiership players should be ashamed of themselves after that performance.
  2. Two England coaches that come up with big boot route one football and yes no shots on goal!! Absolutely incredible isn’t it no corners in 3 matches!! one shot per game in last few months and they think we will win a football match.
  3. Have to give Steve great credit for making himself available and seems determined that we will get it right and clearly he will be more involved. He will fund the club to 20million this year for sure and I think we should all be very grateful. We just need to get a good manager, pay top wages if need be who can sort some of these average players out!
  4. I am very supportive of the club but cannot understand the marketing & merchandise process at the club!! I wanted the red training top but noticed all sold out after what 2 weeks. The shop have told me they do not plan to order anymore stock!! So here we are with the season not yet started and our club has sold out of training wear!! Its just crazy!! They have 9 months to sell the stock & surely want any income they can get at the moment. Its an absolute shambles!!
  5. Now the decision has been made I have been impressed with what Dean has said apart from speaking to Ashley. Yes we may need experience but am not sure Williams is worth a contract.
  6. Having listened to his interview on radio Bristol it’s clear he is his own man with his own ideas. When questioned about being Lee’s assistant he very cleverly said he would carry out the managers instructions but quickly made it clear he had his own ideas. Mark Ashton also confirmed he told the board what was wrong and where it needed correcting and it was also his decision to bin Jamie and Korey. He seems very passionate and I believe will give no BS unlike Lee so although disappointed it was not CH I wish Dean the best of luck and will get behind him. let’s now give the new management team a chance.
  7. Have to agree, board is a total shambles. I just cannot work out how this has been handled so badly. Other clubs like Southend who are also appointing a new manager come out in the press and apologize and say give us a little longer. If it is Dean then what an absolute joke. Nothing against him as he does seem a decent man but against CH. pathetic. We need Ashton out!!
  8. Totally agree Dredful- the contempt this football club has shown its supporters over the last few months is just disgraceful. No communication whatsoever!!!
  9. I agree I think Ashton needs to go and we need a big push to get him out. The lack of communication is a disgrace but also he as CEO is responsible for the interview/ appointment of a new manager and what a mess that is. Also as Bristol Post has said everything is last minute. Why have we not released the new kit yet? Season ticket refunds we were the last club. Ashton is the trouble and needs to be gone...
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