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  1. In my previous incarnation as a Head Teacher I once visited schools in New Zealand, all of which had their “ strap line” prominently displayed .... in a moment of ( possibly cider induced) flippancy I came up with “Striving for mediocrity “ as an idea... it kind of works for City too!!! Otherwise could we be “ The Babbers”, “Brunel’s best” or just ( actually true) “ The best in the west”....
  2. Bizarrely was only talking about this game in Turkey the other week- chatting to some chap from “ up north” who said he’d met the player who scored for us first in the 1st division... Paul Cheesley says i & proceeded to bemoan his ill fated career... no, no, this chap wasn’t having it.... until about 5 pints later when he suddenly shouted “ Paul Cheesley”... as if I hadn’t been telling him that for the last few hours!!
  3. STOP! I can’t play my CDs fast enough- still on The Specials!! To sum up this thread.... the music was fab the violence was not!!!
  4. Easy to mishear! I've bored people before with the story of my daughter asking ( very loudly) when she was about 6, why people were shouting "Tsunami" and "Turnip" during the match... took me a while to realise these were " Red Army" and "Turn him"... although it's just possible " Tsunami" was " Who are you?"... think we were playing Forest!!
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