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  1. So the stream is ropey but then the Clifton Hill training ground is not the RHPC with its high tech facilities. Its another decent work out with players getting good game time. On paper, Exeter are the poorest team we play pre-season so I'm not going to get carried away with performances, but it's nice to see Joe Williams looking comfortable.
  2. Boxing and the martial art sports can stay for me as they are primarily determined by hits than marks, although the appeal of taekwondo, a crab like sport (always going sideways) eludes me. It's those totally determined by marks, such as Gymnastics, that I dislike most. It's not that I don't admire the dedication and skill of the athletes. I can admire the strength to hold one's body weight on rings and pommel etc but while there may be some artistry in female exercises a guy in tights or shorts prancing around on the floor just isn't right.
  3. Why not dominoes which has a clear winner rather than pseudo sports like free style skateboarding. Personally I'd kick out all sports where marks are awarded to determine the outcome. I always feel that some contestants are given high marks based on past reputations or their nations standing rather than the days performance.
  4. Superb second half from the Lions. Lawes and AWJ were immense. Cowan-Dickie had a superb international debut, scoring a try as is his won't. I still don't think Daly is a centre though and would prefer to see Farrell start at 12 with Henshaw moved to his right position of 13.
  5. Given the amount of dripping about paying to watch the friendlies I must have missed the change that saw Bristol relocated to Yorkshire. Pay or don't pay, support or not but whingeing about it won't change anything.
  6. PSG have offered us want away MBAPPE in a straight swap for HNM but we're undecided as not being sure if he fits our system. PSG have offered us want away MBAPPE in a straight swap for HNM but we're undecided as not being sure if he fits our system.
  7. PSG have offered us want away MBAPPE in a straight swap for HNM but we're undecided as not being sure if he fits our system.
  8. James Morton is in the MK Dons squad this afternoon I see. Apparently he's been training with them post Loughborough.
  9. Who do you suggest as the breeding couples? It'll be 20 years or so before we reap the benefit.
  10. Storms and tea cups come to mind. GMcG must know by now how irascible NP can be so no need to throw the toys out of the cot over what is only our 2nd pre-season game. So certain players didn't play against Portsmouth, and no doubt certain other players won't play against MK Dons and either Exeter or Plymouth. In terms of who might line up or be on the bench against Blackpool only the Villa game will give an insight. Everyone needs to calm down.
  11. I don't believe the playing position of the Captain matters only that he's inspirational by word, deed or both. There are plenty of examples from across football of keepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers doing the job with success. The last world cup final saw a keeper and midfielder captain their countries, whereas the Euro final saw, a defender and striker lead their respective teams. Martin looks to be NPs choice at the moment but then Kalas isn't back so we don't know if he will retain the armband. We do know that, according to Kasey, Martin was loud directing him as to where he should be. Of course outside of the two we don't know who'd want it. Would James accept if offered? King I think would jump at it but will he play enough, time will tell.
  12. Decent work out for a 3-3 draw or a 4-2 win for us (depending on your preference) as we loaned them Marlee Francois for the final 30 minute period. I can never get too worked up about pre-season results though as good pre-season's have sometimes led to mediocre seasons and vice versa.
  13. 3 is enough. I note though that concussion subs are to be allowed if required presumably in addition to the 3.
  14. Are you sure it was the Standard? Back then London had two evening papers and I thought it was the London Evening News that carried that headline. I seem to recall picking it up at Gloucester Road as I read it in preference to the Standard because my politics were not to the right of Ghengis Khan. Perhaps they both carried the story.
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