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  1. Awful news but a fighter on the pitch so I pray he will pull through. Love to his family
  2. I don't mind the Hummel shirts myself. It's a football shirt after all for wearing to matches not for restaurant dining. At least it seems to make it to the shop on time, unlike when we had Adidas who only provided a pattern shirt with a stuck on sponsor and badge and didn't deliver some sizes until March.
  3. You could the same about people who are sickly thin. On them the shirt looks like a marquee tent!
  4. Good effort from Mackenzie Crook (aka Nathan Smith) there.
  5. 13 released. Looks like they'll have to break into the piggy bank.
  6. Vale 1 up. All square on aggregate.
  7. Nice little earner for him though when he leaves after 6 months.
  8. Not saying that Mansfield didn't deserve to go through, they defended magnificently tonight, but how they ended up still with 11 players on the pitch only the ref knows.
  9. I don't condone violence but there are many who'd like to do more than just 'touch' him with a barge pole.
  10. Probably about the same, as punching a horse in the face.
  11. I think there's something in this. It is, a, societal problem, not just a football one, although sadly it manifests itself in our beloved sport (not in rugby it seems) and clubs must take some responsibility for what takes place in the confines of their ground. I know there are initiatives in place to tackle the rise in cocaine use at football grounds, but it remains to be seen how effective this will be. I don't know if it pent up frustrations but in football and in society as a whole there appears to have been a rise in violent disorder since we came out of the pandemic lockdown.
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