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  1. Not Hull City but the film about Martin Bengtsson, the Swedish wunderkind and his experiences at Inter Milan, which the Watershed are showing between 1-7 July. In case you don't know the story I'll say no more (you can look it up) but it's a poignant tale not just for football but sport in general.
  2. For me too, it was sadly be Cardiff. The city might be full of sheep sh***ers but rather that than drugged up gun toting nutters!
  3. Bale has been a great footballer but for the last 5 years or so he hasn't shown much interest other than playing for Wales. He played a bit for Spurs on loan but his heart never really looked in it and he's effectively been in club football retirement since. The retirement home of the MLS is therefore the best place him. I don't expect him to set LA alight and don't envisage any option being taken up.
  4. Absolute model professional. I don't know about his tactical nous but if a player wants to learn how to handle the presssure of being a footballer, both on and off the pitch, they couldn't have a better role model. I wish him every success, especially against the other gloucestershire sides.
  5. Spot on. Moving him on will not be easy if he gets a reputation across the EFL of having a bad attitude. I can only hope feedback any prospective takers can get from Ipswich is more positive than it will be from here. Sadly, if you want rid promote them doesn't really work in football.
  6. Ist half was a little sloppy but yet again the Lionesses 2nd half performance was superb. If we can get Lauren Hemp on the ball she has periods of the game where she's untouchable. There is such strength in depth as shown by likes of Toon, Mead, Stanway and Roussouw tonight. Provided they all stay fit then this England side really could lift the trophy.
  7. I'd hoped for something more exciting than a so-so third kit. Given that City now seem to like some sort of theme their shirts what does grey and orange represent? Having a tango on a foggy day.
  8. God I hate it when that's thrown at us. Football did exist before 1992,and not only that English sides dominated European competition for 25 years without the need of ownership from oil rich foreign oligarchs.
  9. In all honesty I think the Club has played a blinder with the Nathan Baker situation. It's clearly a, diificult time for all concerned, but especially himself and his family. He needs all the time and help he can get and without any pressure being placed upon him. I am sure news will be forthcoming in time but we need to remain patient and wish him all the best with his future whatever the outcome.
  10. That sounds about what I expected, with possibly a 1 year option, now being reported he's signed a 2 year deal.
  11. Apparently a 3 year contract which I imagine is longer than we offered, and should get more game time than being 5th choice CB here. At 25 he needs to be playing and L1 should be a better fit. Good luck to him.
  12. Not that I'm an Irons fan but West Ham offer good value for money. They are an attractive team to watch these days and you're almost guaranteed goals.
  13. If he fails his medical I'll doubt it'll be a pulled muscle unlee it's groin strain.
  14. Fair point. Perhaps we could loan him to Chelsea for a big fat fee. They've never got enough players on their books.
  15. Fair enough. I could have been suckered in on this one.
  16. When he came back for his second season looking fit and ripped I thought we might have a player on our hands But it was not to be and he never lived up to his expected promise. Wish him all the best and hope he can forge a career in Scotland.
  17. Injured players aside (Benarous, Semenyo, Baker?) let's see who's not on the training camp flight at the end of the week.
  18. While it continues to narrow there is still some evidence to suggest a gulf needs to be bridged between NL(N)/ NL(S) and the NL. If you're good enough to play NL however you're good enough to play L2.
  19. Maybe or could be the U23s keeper if Max and Wiles-Richards are loaned out.
  20. I'm with Davefevs and Monkeh on this. I'd like him to sign as I believe there's more development to come. However, if he's not going to sign then we must sell this window.
  21. LJ should show his love for City by permanently signing Bakinson, Vyner and Moore for Hibs.
  22. Very disappointing but it is what is. Opportunity for Wells, Conway or Bell.
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