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  1. I thought it was a decent debut. 0verrun occasionally 1st half but he had little to no cover. One very good tackle towards the end of the game. Showed decent technique on the ball, mostly took the sensible defensive options and didn't get caught in possession. If he gains the confidence of Nige and he gets decent game time we may have found ourselves a right back.
  2. Not our best performance this season but far from our worst. Bentley and Massengo (again) outstanding. Bakinson played well and there was, a decent debut for Tanner despite the lack of cover he got in the first half. The subs Dasilva, Semenyo and Wells all made a impact, not the least when Semenyo and Wells linked superbly for the winner. Despite the moaning Minnie's around me we won so revel in that. Top class performances to go alongside wins can come later.
  3. If I'm brutally honest I've been disappointed in Dasilva. He's shown snatches of brilliance in tight situations but overall as a defender he's not been a patch on our past left backs. Personally I'd move Pring to left back and play O'Dowda in front.
  4. Last trip to Bootham Crescent was our 1-0 victory in the cup. Most memorable was probably a visit in my days in the London Branch when a number of us went to York Minster pre-match and we came away with a scroll denoting that we'd made a donation for its upkeep. After taking copies,when I left London to work in Plymouth the Branch was kind enough to award me the original scroll as a parting gift (and I still have it).
  5. I can remember when the Volley did that. When it was the Volley of course with the bar on the other side and flagstone floors rather than the plastic pub it's become.
  6. I used to like the Bell Inn at Alfred Place (think it may be called the Green Man now) but I haven't been there forca long time. The owners also used to run the Green Tree in Green St, Bath.
  7. Another decent performance but we laced a cutting edge. Our best efforts came from a run and shot by the outstanding Atkinson first half and from a crisp shot by the even more outstanding Massengo in the second. I thought we overplayed the long throw, we never looked like threatening Preston that way. And Preston posed a threat through the movement of Maguire and especially the clever passing of Johnson. Every time he was on the ball I worried. All in all not a dull 0-0 draw and, while disappointed we didn't win, I'll take the consolation prize of a clean sheet. Just 14 more of those to make us title contenders (according to Nige).
  8. What's a Peno? Is this just another example of today's sloppy modern journalism which adds an 'o' to the end of words.
  9. Interesting. A couple of seasons too early for me.
  10. Those of us who were around in the 70s, or those watching Big Match re-runs, will remember/note the mud heaps that were disguised as football pitches. The Baseball Ground, Derby was probably the worst but honourable mentions go to County Ground, Swindon, Old Trafford, Anfield, The Boleyn Ground and Stamford Bridge to name but a few. Portman Road, Ipswich and our own Ashton Gate were rare examples of 70s good consistent playable surfaces. Today's pitches, with their grass and woven plastic mix are a far cry from those days but I'm sure pitch quality across the leagues improved long before their introduction. But can anyone recall when? Was it before our head groundsman advised Manchester United on Old Trafford after their ground expansion or was it all down to improved science?
  11. A draw's OK but England far too cute tonight, especially Sterling. Too many times he wanted to beat the defender half a dozen times when an early ball could have reaped dividends.
  12. Very true. I seem to recall there was a keeper in Italy some years back who at some point was on the books of all the top clubs but played about 8 times in 12 seasons. As for Max it could be dependant on what he wants. If he believes he is continuing to improve with City, and that his time will come he may be happy to stay. If he feels he needs 1st team football now he may need to force a move permanently or on loan in January. We could always pick up a no2 if we didn't think Wiles-Richards was ready.
  13. I know it shouldn't but McGuiness's voice really grates with me and half an hour of him is too much. I found the format bizarre and it was slow and awkward. Sexist I know but the one grace was Sam Quek who is good to look at. Not sure it's enough for me to watch again though.
  14. You may not like him, many don't, but he's a local boy made good who's made a good career out of football. He knows more about the game than almost all who post on here, particularly what goes on inside clubs and his viewpoint is valid.
  15. Very average fare but 4-0 is job done. The days of running up huge scores against European minnows, are very few and far between theses days, in fact the minnows have shown some small improvement in these qualifiers. Some examples are Luxembourg and Azerbaijan getting draws against ROI, Denmark needing a late goal to squeeze by 10 man Faroes and Malta, once everyone's favourite whipping boys, beating Cyprus 3-0.
  16. Rosettes seem to be reserved for political parties, whereas rattles are sold at antiques fairs as bird scarers.
  17. While like most on here I dislike 'game management', time wasting, call it what you will, its not a universally held view. There are many in the game, players, coaches, managers and other officials who see it as part of the game. Busquets for example is one player who believes conning the ref is a genuine tactic. Some players need to wind up the opposition players (and supporters) to give themselves an edge in their own game, and in putting off the opposition. It's the equivalent of throwing an elbow in ice hockey. I'd personally like to see change but I'm not going to hold my breath that football authorities who are hell bent on ruining the game will take any action whatsoever.
  18. Here we go again! We're Bristol City so what's wrong with either the Red Red Robin (we are after all the Robins), West Country anthem Drink up thee zider, or better still our own One For the Bristol City. What's wrong with people who can't get excited enough about our own song.
  19. Suggest someone walks a shirt up the Winterstoke Road to HMS Flying Fox and asks.
  20. Does anyone know if Alex Scott was involved against Italy today? The FA website records that England won the match 2-0 and names the scorers but gives no other details of who played.
  21. The problem with stats like these us that they're heavily skewed by the injury situation at a club, and ours was worst than most. Undoubtedly Baker, Dasilva and most especially Weimann would have played many more minutes than they did if it wasn't for their long term injuries. Weimann would certainly have been in the top 5 of performance minutes.
  22. I missed the signings of Huntley and Palmer.
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