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  1. Especially as HNM is now just into the final 2 years of his current deal. Not sure how much he is currently earning, but as I understand it, we need to at the least match what he is already on, or risk loosing him on a free in 2 years time. COYR.
  2. With a little more luck, and better play, we could quite conceivably have at least 3 more points (10), but Nige and the lads are certainly heading in the right direction! COYR.
  3. Get in there!! Well done me babbers, very well done!! COYR.
  4. Would prefer less, but seems about right to me. COYR.
  5. Well done Bakes, great defending!! COYR.
  6. Interesting formation: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 COYR (BCFC not MUFC).
  7. City team & or formation I’d like us to play against Cardiff - fitness dependent: GK/ Bentley; RCB/ Kalas, MCB/ Baker, LCB/ Atkinson; RWB/ Vyner, CM/ James, CM/ Massengo, LWB/ *Pring or *JD; ACM/ Weimann; CF/ Wells, CF/ Martin; *I couldn’t make my mind up, maybe Pring?! COYR.
  8. I have to agree with you on David’s constant interruptions on the Forever City podcast, I guess he feels vindicated in doing so in his role as presenter. Sometimes I also feel like David doesn’t worry about getting his facts/statements right. Still, as you alluded too, fair play to all for doing all they do! I personally enjoy listening to OSIB, FBC & 3PIAPC. Keep up the good work. COYR.
  9. Looks like Nige’s master plan has worked a treat. Losing last night has allowed us to miss the usual disappointment of a defeat away at Brentford! Well done NP. COYR.
  10. Could anyone tell me what has happened to BS3 (The Rising Sun, on Ashton Rd)? I was disappointed to see it was closed and all boarded up on Saturday. Pre-COVID we’d go in there post match for a few pints. COYR.
  11. Whilst we’re on the subject of beer, can anyone tell me what has happened to BS3 (The Rising Sun, on Ashton Rd)? I was disappointed to see it was closed and all boarded up on Saturday. If I’m not mistaken, I’m sure it was open during the Euros. COYR.
  12. I like the look of this lineup for FGR. It gives the players with suspect injury records more recovery time heading into a period of 3 matches in 6 just days (Boro away, Reading away & Swansea home). We’re really gonna need to use the squad well during this period. COYR.
  13. SL referenced the fact the Bears share the ground, as a reason for not naming the currently unnamed South Stand the “Terry Cooper” stand. I can understand us not naming it the “Terry Cooper” stand, it’s the reasoning I don’t like. For me it should have nothing to do with the Bears. As far as I’m concerned we allow them to use our stadium, they don’t part own it. As much as SL is a great businessman, and benefactor/owner, but he doesn’t have say some strange, or factually wrong things, when he is being interviewed (take yesterdays, or that infamous Talksport, interview for example). Personally I wouldn’t mind us naming the 500 seat training stadium after TC. COYR.
  14. We sit in the lower Lansdown and couldn’t hear any booing, when they players took the knee. Even if a few mindless idiots did choose to boo, why would that make them want to stop? COYR.
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