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  1. Hey Dave36, ‘… James still disappointing’, you say. What’s disappointing you? The fact he is being rested, and so not playing today? COYR.
  2. I would expect our first choice back 3 (assuming they are fit, and available for selection) to be Naismith, Klose, Kalas. I’m sure I heard that because we are going to favour playing a back 3, that’s why we won’t need either of our 2 central midfielders to be an out and out DM. COYR.
  3. If we’re playing 2 central midfielders up against the another sides 3 midfielders, we will always struggle to control the ball in that area of the pitch (even if one of our 2 was purely a DM). It’s simple mathematics. Out wide is where our strength will be, IMHO. COYR.
  4. Apparently someone’s gotta be, it’s this forums number one rule, don’t you know
  5. He is 100% a supporter of Liverpool, and Northern Ireland. Of course that doesn’t mean to say he can’t follow Chester as well. COYR.
  6. They employ who they like, They’ll sack who they like, Sky Sports, they’ll employ/sack, Who they like! COYR.
  7. The Killers gig on 26th May Before that Hull City (as a season ticket holder). COYR.
  8. Especially as HNM is now just into the final 2 years of his current deal. Not sure how much he is currently earning, but as I understand it, we need to at the least match what he is already on, or risk loosing him on a free in 2 years time. COYR.
  9. With a little more luck, and better play, we could quite conceivably have at least 3 more points (10), but Nige and the lads are certainly heading in the right direction! COYR.
  10. Get in there!! Well done me babbers, very well done!! COYR.
  11. Interesting formation: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 COYR (BCFC not MUFC).
  12. City team & or formation I’d like us to play against Cardiff - fitness dependent: GK/ Bentley; RCB/ Kalas, MCB/ Baker, LCB/ Atkinson; RWB/ Vyner, CM/ James, CM/ Massengo, LWB/ *Pring or *JD; ACM/ Weimann; CF/ Wells, CF/ Martin; *I couldn’t make my mind up, maybe Pring?! COYR.
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