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  1. No idea of my first game, but it would have been around early 1950s. My father and grandfather both supported City, the latter since about 1900.
  2. I can't see either of these lasting long in the PL. Big game nerves perhaps, but the standard is awful
  3. My Gran was born in Little Paradise, but never interested in football Grandad's - City, from St Johns Lane days Dad - Bristol City Mum - Bristol City (after being weaned off Bristol Rugby) Local- only City Me - City Daughter - Real Sociedad (she lives in San Sebastian)
  4. Great match especially second half. Atkinson outstanding
  5. Great report, as ever, but I don't think Atkinson 'bundled it over the line'. It was a clear, accurate header which their goalie only managed to get a hand to.
  6. I got overtaken by a hearse on Crete once
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