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  1. Seeing the Sky highlights you can see that Vynner was fouled with a shove in the back and can't be blamed
  2. Has anybody noticed the strange statistics of the Scottish Championship? Before last night's games, the top 5 teams were separated by only three points (27/29) and the bottom 5 likewise by two points (12/13).
  3. At least our players are practising passing during the delay. They must know spmething
  4. Neither side looking good, but Sheffield have got past our defence three times and put good crosses in.
  5. I'm about the same. The first game, sorry to say, which I remember was the 3-4 defeat by the Gas in the FA Cup in January1958, but I'd been going for a year or two before that.
  6. I remember attending a fancy dress party there in the 60s. Went dressed as Sir Francis Drake. Got some strange looks when I stopped to fill the car with petrol, I can tell you.
  7. Interesting to see that Accrington vs Fleetwood and Morecambe vs Cambridge are off owing to international call-ups, and yet Sheffield Wednesday vs Bolton goes ahead
  8. West Brom and Fulham both lost and now Bournemouth behind. Going to be a very open division
  9. Any news on how the match is going? Sky only interested in Derby
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