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  1. Doesn't Sir Alex still have alot of influence there, but only takes the credit when things are going ok?
  2. Should there be an increasing penalty after 10,15, 20 wides - 3, 4, 5 runs per wide?
  3. 335 - 6 not too bad! 24 wides from Middlesex - was this a potential run saving strategy?
  4. Love the way that the poor lambs are being bullied and will have to get used to the physicality of the pl!
  5. At this rate half their first team will be receiving their 5th yellow card by the end of August!
  6. What kind of influence does NP have from the technical area?
  7. He must have an incredible contract. Does he cost more if he's not on the pitch?
  8. Is it their "first" goal keeper coming out as substitute?
  9. The artwork for Naismith's goal on Wednesday would have been right up his street!
  10. Hadn't seen the table before, just going on the results.
  11. I take it that Somerset are effectively out of this competition now?
  12. Why do they need to have a "strategic break/time out" whatever? There was one a few days ago and they only had 5 or 6 balls left? How do they cope in a proper match? Will they be allowed to bring specialist bowlers/batters on in the future?
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