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  1. Got to gamble on these kids now some of them seem more than ready.
  2. Southgate's fault he chose boys over men for the penalties the experienced players should have been up first no need for Rashford or Sancho. Also Chellini was trying out a new wwe move on Saka dangerous play should have been a red. Jorgino goes over the top of the ball on Grealish straight red they gave one to the Sweden player against the Ukraine in their earlier match for something similar. Italy in fairness played some lovely football at times through the lines Cheisa looked quality.
  3. Agreed what's the point in taking players if you don't give them the chance.
  4. Kane looked slow the last 2 games give someone else a chance.
  5. Very pleased with this hopefully just the start of things to come.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3748426318601043
  7. Can we sign mowatt now please.
  8. LJ and Ashton have been hugely detrimental to our beloved football club. Nice to see streaky choking again.
  9. I would rather Swansea win and we sign Mowatt from Barnsley on a free.
  10. Scored from the halfway line twice both on a Sunday.
  11. Played defence midfield on a Saturday. Defence midfield striker on a Sunday I had the physique of Jan Molby/Micky Quinn.
  12. This is what it's about getting the scouting right and supplying the 1st team with young hungry players.
  13. Look at it this way a player like Walsh going means we must be looking at better quality and availability, which also goes for a few others who have been released.
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