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  1. He has to shift on the dross we have been left with from the chuckle. Brothers. He had to keep some of these below par players as he couldn't get rid of everybody. There are players in the squad who are either not settled in BS3 or disinterested. The likes of Odowda Palmer Wells Simpson Martin Bakinson Vyner just not good enough. I ask but one thing let's remember the kids are hungry let's let them have a go, Tanner has showed he is up for the fight and I'm sure the rest would be.
  2. I think you answered your own question he has been left with half a mediocre squad some of which he had no choice but to keep as no one would want them. With Bents Kalas Atkinson Han Noah James Tanner Scott Pring we are heading the right direction. The rest are bang average. We lack width and a cutting edge up front. Time for Benarous Britton etc to be given a chance. Is Dasilva similar to Bryan and more of a left winger than full back?
  3. I don't know who we will get in but there is still plenty of dead wood in that squad tonight. Nige is still the answer I feel he needs to move on quite few he was left with.
  4. I don't think Nige is the issue we clearly need better players.
  5. I wonder who is desperate enough to take over if Barton goes?
  6. Love that blaming Garner who just beat your shower of shite.
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