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  1. Wtf....we're back to the ridiculous nostalgia of having ex players back as coaching staff. I certainly wouldn't be supportiing having Joe Jordan as DOF... there are much better candidates out there.
  2. Hi might....why didn't he accept it from the get go?
  3. Yep she'd do... certainly get the crowds back
  4. Yeh still got 7 or 8 players wives to get through yet
  5. DOF stands for Director of Football not Dirty Old F**cker
  6. Believe it or not Red, it's not all about money with some people. Some people will look at the role, their line manager, the fans reactions, the stress levels, impact on family etc
  7. Yeh and he decided to 'think about it' even before all the negative reactions from the fans......I wonder what he must be thinking now after seeing the fans views once they found out he was offered it. Implies he had possible doubts then which have probably been compounded now.
  8. Hopefully you are reliable and some of this may be true....the plot thickens perhaps
  9. Yes Bobbie....I think there are more twists to come...can't wait!
  10. He applied or was asked to apply when there was no massive outcry about him. The reaction has really blown up since he has been in the frame and that would put me off pursuing the position.
  11. Shall we see if he accepts it first and then we can all lay into each other again
  12. Psychoanalysing your recent posts I can deduce that you are very angry and in denial.
  13. Coz your not on the many or the majority... simples
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