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  1. I just can't stop laughing when I tickle my nuts Jay
  2. Probably a wind up.....nobody could be that sad and pathetic. He is probably just sitting their in his lonely bedroom laughing at all our replies.
  3. Who'll be first to mention his dad?
  4. Yep Southgate......poor manager. Just compare his CV to those of the successful international managers.
  5. Couldn't agree more Jon. His energy levels and hassling of the opposition are unquestionably but the technical side of his game needs improving. If Nige and his team can do this then we have a quality player on our hands.
  6. Mica Richards is excellent. V articulate, knowledgeable and great sense of humour
  7. I thought he got himself a bit part in Mrs Brown's Boys
  8. The effort and energy is not in doubt. If Nige and his team can make his overall game better then I am happy to have him stay.
  9. .......and Nige and his team will make him better...... exciting potential.
  10. Can't believe you want to keep Paterson!
  11. I hope that Nige presents all his suggestions and recommendations and Gouldy just rubber stamps them.
  12. I really hope Nige can replace the entire defence with some quality. Keeping Baker is like keeping the best of a bad bunch.
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