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  1. Easy tiger! As I put when I launched this thread, I so want him to succeed and therefore hope we continue with last night's form. But, it is only one decent performance, so let's wait to see if it carries over to the next 3 or 4 games. If it does, I may start liking NP again.
  2. Showing spirit and digging in isn't enough Dave - it like describing the kid who came last at the school sports day. I want some footballing ability and winning performances.
  3. I so want him to succeed because I know he has the pedigree and experience to make it happen for us. But, I fear he may be one of those managers who has lost his 'mojo' and has peaked a few years back. Arguably there may have been a slight improvement but it is so inconsistent and generally I don't feel he is moving us forward at the pace we need. Frankly, some of the performances under his tenure have been laughable. I don't know who could replace him and it's not up to me suggest anyone but I don't think he is the one for us.
  4. FFS mate we have just let in yet another late goal which is likely to ruin our day
  5. Not allowed on here to blame the manager so I point the finger at the tea lady
  6. Until Pearson starts showing some managerial skills and gets some better performances out of this joke of a team we will continue to get suggestions of random managers who may be able to sort this mess out. It's not just 2 games this season with Pearson - it's been almost 2 years where the improvement has been almost nothing. PS...Warnock is a very good manager who would probably turn us round in a few games.
  7. You are so right. People make so many excuses for him each week but deep down they must know it's not happening. I am at the desperate point where I would actually take Joey Barton over Nigel Pearson as a young forward thinking new manager with fresh ideas and a lust for success - that's how bad things have got with me.
  8. I can't remember many games last season when the opposition didn't boss us at some point during the game and in many cases that allowed them to score. Saturday was no exception as Hull were better than us for most of the 2nd half with dire consequences. I can only conclude that this is all down to a weak and poorly directed midfield and I think we need to address this asap. Surely it's the midfield which should control the game and ultimately stop the opposition from taking over.
  9. Most annoying is that it was coming and once again we allow teams to pile into us when we are winning.
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