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  1. If he had any pace he would be perfect
  2. The defence looked dreadful today. Is it tactics or player quality..... whatever, Nige needs to sort this soon.
  3. DaSilva is as bad on the right as he is on the left
  4. Our defence looked so pervious
  5. I think what we mean is we don't need a big lumbering 'target man' type striker - we seem to play better with more pacy and tricky players up that end of the pitch.
  6. As with most of our players he is inconsistent...today was one of his better days....next week who knows? That's our problem.
  7. Thought we actually played better without a striker. We seemed to play the ball on the ground more without constantly playing the long ball to a lumbering target man. Scott, Semenyo and COD also made us more pacy and direct with varying degrees of success. Tbh our strikers are so average that our midfielders are as likely to score as they are.
  8. I really hope that our quicker forwards show Pearson how wrong he has been to stick with the sluggish Martin.....
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