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  1. With Williams out and the team lacking any pace and creativity, it would be good to see this lad come good for us. Surely he will improve if he plays more often and he could end up being very important for us.
  2. Just because I would like our manager to explain the reasons for such a dire performance and how he may look to prevent future ones does not mean I want him sacked. I think that's the least we should expect from a manager.
  3. I would rather our well paid, experienced manager explained how he will improve things.
  4. Nothing to lose now..get some pacy youngsters on.
  5. Yes we will still have the odd poor performance but so long as we have more days like today and look like we are improving as a team and a club, then surely it's time to admit that Nige is the man to take us forward.
  6. That's probably the problem Dave
  7. Young blokes + overpaid + undereducated + fast cars + drink = trouble. Lucky they didn't plough into a young innocent family and kill them all. No sympathy here.
  8. We need a new striker who is better than Wells or Martin....and quick!
  9. That is a pretty unfair reaction to someone just wanting a couple of substitutions.
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