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  1. I used to love the Hangman's bar and I remember that floor well ... And the stairs to get there! I'd recommend anyone traveling down Exeter way to visit the Bridge Inn at Topsham (featured in that BBC article). It is a truly unique place and was the 1st pub ever visited by our Queen. The beer's good too!
  2. Just watching the team presentation for the 2021 edition of my favourite grand tour which starts on Saturday! Be interesting to see if Hugh Carthy can improve upon last year's 3rd place although a lot of quality riders there! 6 or 7 British riders this year! Live coverage on GCN or Eurosport of course. Doesn't look like ITV are showing highlights but Quest certainly are.
  3. What a bizarre observation ... Dan Walker being the epitome! I've also seen Chris Hoy, Mark Foster, Chris Boardman, another guy about diving (don't know his name), sure I've heard Matthew Pinsent as well and fully expect Steve Cram to be trotted out later among others. Don't know (or care) about anyone's sexualities though.
  4. Cav had nothing left to prove even before this Tour! This last 3 weeks have just been a joy and a bonus ... Not to mention the emotions! Shame about the last stage and Van Alert certainly closed down the space available very expertly. I think the error was Cav's further back though in choosing Van Aert's wheel over Morkov's who could have positioned him much better. Lefevre took some persuading this season so it's certainly not cut and dried but oh how I'd love to see Cav ride out in a Quick Step Alpha Vinyl jersey next season ... Even if it's just the Tour of Turkey and a few minor Belgian races!
  5. DQT may well miss Tim de Clerq in the last Kms!
  6. Luke Rowe 6 mins outside time limit.
  7. Jose Been has just tweeted that Cav crossed the line without troubling the time limit!
  8. TdF app gives cut off time as 47' 40"
  9. Became fascinated with road cycling when the Milk Race came through my village in the mid 60s. Major Tom's exploits and death on Mt Ventoux really focused my mind on Le Tour and enjoy especially hearing French radio commentary from that era! Have watched cycling on TV for many years and became a convert to Eurosport in Duffield's time. Although ITV do a good highlights show. Am absolutely revelling in GCN's coverage this year ... Really appreciate the respect of some commentators to pronounce names correctly ... And particularly enjoy the tactical analysis with the overhead camera shots. For a sport with such history, which has had such little coverage in this country over the years, I am impressed with the quality that is available on TV with the advances in technology.
  10. GCN is top notch coverage. Pretty much an expanded Eurosport , without the ads. I've been watching GCN since February ... So many races covered and a lot of analysis too!
  11. Realme and Xiaomi are currently producing phones that are really worth looking at!
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