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  1. I was told a year back by someone close to the club that McAllister was very much LJ's trusted man and backed up all his decisions. DH had his own ideas and opinions and was much more highly regarded by the Board and powers that be. Based upon this I was surprised that he didn't leave at the same time as LJ 5 weeks ago and even less surprised that he has gone now.
  2. or we have an experienced head coming in to assist
  3. it's also media day and official opening day at the Bears training ground which may also delay things. Downsy can't be two places at once!
  4. I don't know about anyone else but I'm looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Does anyone know of an event in history that occurred on the 7th August that the media team can tenuously link to a player or former player of ours. I'm going to go for Independence day for the Ivory coast with an image of Kodjia!
  5. I wouldn't have a problem with Holden if he has the right support. Perhaps the delay are around trying to find an experienced head to support him as Director of Football. This would also leave Ashton time to do what he is good at, "trading" and BS. I do feel for Dean as he is on a hiding to nothing if he takes the job, I will support him fully and direct any anger in the direction of the board.
  6. Let's suggest they make it an annual event with your season ticket getting you access. it might be the only way to stop people asking for refunds once the manager is appointed!
  7. I'm starting to think that too. That being said I can't work out which of the 2 would go for Holden over Hughton. I would assume JL would win any argument by phoning up Dad and therefore he must be voting Holden with Ashton wanting to splash out on a big name, hence the links to Gerrard. Ultimately we will see soon and I wouldn't be surprised to see the end of Ashton which will please many after all of this.
  8. I would imagine both Ashton and JL are embarrassed about the whole process they are overseeing and neither wants to break cover. It wouldn't surprise me if it's simply that 2 ego's couldn't agree with the correct approach to take and we have got left with Holden. If JL got his choice and Ashton is sulking then I cant imagine Ashton is keen to provide an update and vice versa
  9. You can still fly into Guernsey for meetings as long as you have it at the airport and from a social distance. As such if needs be they could have met in person. https://covid19.gov.gg/guidance/travel/business
  10. quick look at google shows he is now playing for Dartford alongside Jordan Winter and former loanee Matt Briggs
  11. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/watch-bristol-city-goalkeeper-alhaji-704779 Our Former (I guess former as haven't heard of him recently) scored when on loan at Paulton a few years back.
  12. My understanding (from someone at the club) was that McAllister was always LJ's man and Holden was much more highly regarded elsewhere in the club. As such it doesn't surprise me that McAllister may have resigned. Holden has been linked with Manager jobs elsewhere and so must have something about him, I wouldn't be too upset if he were to stay.
  13. He also picked Pulis over David Moyes (before he went to Everton) as per the below quote from Moyes a few years back. "I would never say no, that's for sure. I was very close to becoming Bristol City manager before Tony Pulis went - I was close to it. I was manager of Preston and I was having quite regular contact with Bristol City at the time."
  14. I don't think we will end up going for Hughton unless we change our model/strategy. I found the below article which suggests in 4 and a half years Hughton only gave academy graduates 18 minutes of playing time. http://www.wearebrighton.com/newsopinion/analysing-brighton-sacking-chris-hughton-one-year-on/ He may well have the track record on promotions but will SL etc put their vision for the club at risk.
  15. https://twitter.com/bbcbristolsport/status/1274396467206250498?s=19 Yes he did say that you can listen on the above link.
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