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  1. Not read the preceding comments but it takes big bollocks to keep an £8m cd on the bench and £5m of CF on the bench in Wells given those that have replaced them haven’t produced……
  2. We saw with Joe Bryan and Bobby Reid that players keep developing into their twenties. Joe Bryan was on loan at Plymouth when he was 20 and Bobby Reid, I never thought would be playing for us regularly, let alone at a higher level. A few years of regular football helps players to develop mentally to cut out the naive mistakes - in Bobby’s case, before ‘the’ season, he used to give the ball away a lot putting us under a lot of pressure. While writing this, I think we miss Joe Bryan a hell of a lot out of all those that we sold.
  3. After seeing the line up, how anyone would think that the performance would be any different than that which we have seen in the first half is beyond me. Midfield non existent and two very defensive ‘wing backs’........
  4. Of course the players and manager (whoever it is) will get the majority's full support, it doesn’t mean we agree with the appointment - this is what happens in football, I don’t think that is in question - it’s the diabolical way that this has materialised both in way of process and decision that we are all (majority) are up in arms about.
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