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  1. what absolute bollocks. he's spent more than any other city manager. on paper the players brought in are just as good.... wells vs reid, Dasilva vs bryan, kalas vs flint etc.
  2. We bought tickets in the gods, watched in the first half which was still a great view, but as its a giant bowl we were able to wander around the stadium and ended up behind the goal where the barca true fans are, although they have their own fenced off section. The stadium as only two thirds full so plenty of seats to walk around and sit wherever. Nobody raised an eyebrow. Great atmosphere in that bit.
  3. same as most people, applied for a boat load. got none, gutted.
  4. does anyone know why my bcfc tv keeps pausing, missed both goals because of buffering - just skips from showing the ball in the box and then jumps to the crowd celebrating. ran a speedtest and my speed is 35mbps. tried on edge, firefox and chrome today and all three kept buffering. anyone got any ideas? its very frustrating!
  5. Just out of interest, are they offering reduced ticket prices for the Bolton game anyway?
  6. thats what he told me, he's a season ticket and would have no reason to lie about it - however you know what they are like with bending the truth. his words were "we really are the gift that keeps on giving".
  7. I don't know if this has been mentioned already, but a gashead at work told me that their home alone event last night didn't go ahead as they couldn't get the film working and sent everyone away. Just when they couldn't get more tinpot...
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