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  1. I've heard the delay is due to Mark Ashton tracking down Dominic Cummings for advice on how to handle the press conference
  2. The only good that will come out of this shambles will be the comedy gold when Ashton tries to spin the decision they have made... CodeRed will look like the little boy who cried wolf!
  3. “All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie” Bob Dylan
  4. It’s just like choosing between the two main characters in the Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy. It did not end well for the SG character Henchard...
  5. I don’t think we have seen enough of Nagy performing at his best yet to be accused of not understanding his class.... it would be like trying to make the case that Dylan is a great songwriter having only heard Self Portrait and Down In The Groove.
  6. My summary of the football we play is ARGH! Aimless Rudderless Gutless Hopeless
  7. I have a PhD and still find these options confusing. I also run a digital media agency and imho the message to market is not thought out very well. There are even mistakes in the copy indicating that it was rushed even though it was released way too late!
  8. The way both seasons are now going Desolation Row might be a better song to quote from!
  9. Are you not targeting Andi personally by saying he is stealing a living?
  10. Right conclusion, wrong reason... Feel really sorry for Andi as he works so incredibly hard but just isn’t quite good enough. By contrast, a guy in my networking group is as lazy as hell, boasts that he needs just 3 more referrals to win yet another holiday from the god awful utility company he promotes... just stealing a living.
  11. Considering not renewing my season ticket after 45 continuous seasons so please restore my faith Lee... Playing Wells Wednesday would be a start
  12. I just don’t get the negativity about his age when he’s peaking, in form and you have Wilbs and Billy Sharp as examples of successful older strikers
  13. For what it's worth it was this off the same album I was thinking of...
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