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  1. I think players from those favoured regions think that Bristol is a few miles west of Penzance... a very Scilly mindset
  2. The reaction on Twitter provides a good demonstration of why we struggle to also attract players to this region
  3. Don’t let any American investors see this thread otherwise we will be relocated under the Cockney Robins franchise
  4. Something for the club to reflect upon is that after being part of a family that have attended games for well over 70 years I won’t be renewing my card next season due to lack of entertainment and attitude of players.
  5. The current defence that seem to freeze for every set piece
  6. Massive difference. You have full control over the media you own to prevent unacceptable comments being published
  7. Even the happiest clapper will be “dimly aware of a certain unease in the air” (Sheep, Pink Floyd)
  8. I create corporate videos so can confirm that interviews face the interviewer and talking heads are square on.
  9. I think the players know Nige is being made permanent
  10. Looking more attractive after 18 mins
  11. Sadly today (albeit an away performance) was the final straw. I will not be renewing for the first time since the late 70s, but admire anyone still able to tolerate it.
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