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  1. The picture is definitely from either July / August 1970 ! Some seats look red but that is possibly sunlight plus the fact they had a slight red tint in the wood . Had my first season ticket that season but was gutted to miss the first home match against Sunderland as we won 4-3
  2. So sorry to hear what happened to your son Scottish Red , you have shown great strength & dignity in posting what you have. Gabriel would be very proud of you
  3. It’s a good podcast, though has a lot of sound issues. The contributors speak well & are knowledgable, however Ian can be quite rude at times to the others , also enjoy the interviews / episodes with past players or city people , so overall well done chaps
  4. Has to be the 1977 final game of the season , Coventry 2 City 2 Easily the most euphoric day / resault & circumstances since watching city . Nobody gave us a prayer of surviving with remaining fixtures of Leeds , Man Utd Liverpool & Coventry
  5. As an 18 year old I was there & all these years later I still regard that match as the most unbelievable away result that I’ve watched given the unbelievable pressure & near misses to our goal ! Incidentally had travelled to the said match in February on a Saturday afternoon,only for it to be postponed because of players illness to a midweek 7,30 kick off .
  6. Glos cup 1969 , Rovers at eastville , we win 0-5 with all the fowards scoring . I think it was skirton Garland Galley kellard & sharpe . Oh the joy
  7. September 1966 , Ipswich home 1-1 Gordon low equaliser from a corner late 2nd half
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