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  1. Good listen that Dave Chris Honors assessment of Weimann and Massengo was bang on for me.
  2. I’ve heard a rumour Alex Scott has tested positive for COVID. Hopefully not true but I wouldn’t be surprised
  3. They need to be tortured, beat and starved for 6 years like the poor lad went through. After the 6 years the scum should be hanged!
  4. Seeing the line up before the start I thought this would happen. Very weak midfield but with he injuries we have there’s no other options.
  5. Clint

    Full time

    Mostly boos with some who did come over told to **** off
  6. We’ve had no game plan for the last three seasons so it’s not all down to NP. I totally agree with you though being an embarrassing shambles
  7. And do what… the players are shite!!
  8. 100 left now Let’s hope the players turn up for this one as the fans are!
  9. Fair enough, but they played in teams with much better players than we have
  10. Fair play to him but surprised he didn’t get injured getting to his seat
  11. What I found interesting was when the camera went to NP there’s was Downing or Simpson and sometimes both always next to him. When it was Holden he seemed always on his own. That says a lot to me!
  12. I can’t wait to pay my £10 tomorrow night to watch some decent attacking football. You never know city may turn up as well.
  13. I know it’s not going to happen but something has to. That result Saturday has been coming for weeks and I can’t see it getting any better.
  14. If we respond like we did to the Cardiff defeat f*uck me were in trouble!
  15. That’s just it. An experienced coach would get a lot more out of this squad than our current coaching set up!
  16. Some shots on target! Those were the days.....
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