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  1. I’m with you Dave - take each game as it comes as you never know what to expect in this league. Looking at our remaining futures my head says I can only see us getting something against Coventry, Birmingham, Peterborough and Hull. I can’t even see us getting anything away at Barnsley either but hey ho it’s the hope that kills us
  2. This absolutely. Fair play to Swansea they were loud most of the game and drowned us out. When they did go quiet for a very short time our fans started to sing is this a library which was embarrassing. Having singers next to the away fans creates the atmosphere and unless we have a big game so the Dolman A fills up our atmosphere is poor. When the away team attack the Atyeo they can really get behind their team and we crumble.
  3. I thought the players showed heart but some are clearly just not good enough
  4. Yep he was right there and that shithouse Stroud as well!
  5. Travelling back from the game. What’s Pearson saying??
  6. As I said in the match day thread - Stroud needs shafting!!
  7. Back in the ground and travelling to away matches again
  8. Whenever it was it’s still better than what the swamp is now
  9. Yep both teams have conceded lots of goals. got 0-0 written all over it. fingers crossed we’ll get the win
  10. Got mine through the post on the 28th Jan
  11. Fair play to all those who travelled today and I hope you all have a safe trip home. Fingers crossed we”lll get 3 points Wednesday CTID
  12. The thing is if we were 3.0 up with 20mins to go I still wouldn’t be convinced of 3 points
  13. I think what ever formation we play we’re shit at the back!
  14. Listening on the radio and it sounds Klose has been busy so far. Haven’t heard O Dowdas name yet and I’m sure he was on the team sheet?
  15. I was near there as an 18yr old and remember it well. Needless to say I can’t remember any of the penalties!
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