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  1. Being honest, staying up would do me this season. I totally understand the repercussions of overspending previously and the need for frugality but, PP clubs apart, we're all in the same boat as I understand things so why are we struggling again? We cannot spend our way out of this, so what is the answer? I most certainly have no idea but League one would be an utter disaster.
  2. I can't disagee Alessandro, on any of that. I've just asked a genuine question, to which I don't have answers. No knee jerk stuff from me atall, I have felt the same way for a good while and it's a concern. Never have I, for one second, advocated sacking anyone.
  3. Hey Robbored. While I didn't expect a victory today, nor do I want SL to leave, I do think something is badly wrong at our club and it has been for some time. What that is, I don't know but we seem to be on a downward trajectory currently and maybe have been for a while. While I don't necessarily agree with the OP, something is clearly not right.
  4. They just needed to realise they were playing us Rog, that would have cheered them up. To be fair, our away record could make sides unduly nervous. I, for one, am rather concerned for us this season sadly.
  5. Supposedly, according to their forum after a couple of dodgy results. Looked decent to me, I must say.
  6. Hmm, we do look like a bottom half side lately don't we? I appreciate West Brom should be up there but today was a West Brom side that were low on confidence. Not good.
  7. Yep, from the other angle just shown, it was Andi that touched it so Nahki was offside.
  8. Watching on the tele, if it touched AW then Nahki was offside, if it was the defender then he wasn't. Can't see who it touched on the replay.
  9. He's a genius Plays just like Jack Grealish Alex Scott is a superstar To the old Tony Pulis, 'horses' arse, pen1S song' (he's the meanest, sucks a horses' etc etc).
  10. IF (a big IF too) we win tomorrow, what can be done about the home record as it has to be a 'mental' thing? Why can't we play at the Gate? Are we cursed, too comfortable, do the players freeze in front of their own fans? Along with most, I have no idea but it's both frustrating and very worrying.
  11. I wish Paul every future success and, far more importantly, the best of health.
  12. I reckon you can add KP to the list, I'm not sure he actually touched the ball last night!
  13. Put the pic on the fridge, it will scare everyone away!
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