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  1. He also said they would be in their new stadium in 2 years, 2 years ago. Let's hope he stands by his word this time.
  2. Pring, TK and Nahki looked good IMHO and Alex Scott looks a real 'baller'. I wonder if we'll see him up against the real thing on Saturday?
  3. Funny how they're all fit once their contracts ran out! Yes, I'm a cynical bugger.
  4. 4 nil Kalas, boom! EDIT, a touch by Nahki. According to their commentator, it's an even game but their keeper has 'made 4 or 5 excellent saves'.
  5. So do we. It's all comparative although we do have more experience on the field.
  6. Hard to watch from a pitch level camera though isn't it?
  7. Why is he calling Taylor Moore 'Cameron'?
  8. The commentary. I appreciate it's biased but they're supposedly 'playing better than us' and when they press, it's great pressing, when we press it's 'misplaced passes'. 2nd pen. 2-0 Tareeq.
  9. 'Very experienced Championship side', we've a load of academy players playing too!
  10. No accusation? Doesn't say it didn't happen then, just that no accusation has been made by her or anyone else. I would have thought she would have denied it happened rather than this rather strange statement that she hasn't accused him of anything. He's a very, very silly boy.
  11. Who's ready for their 'breakthrough' season then? I'll say Janneh, Nurse, Scott and Benarous, maybe Conway as well.
  12. Nigel Turner, long time City correspondent, getting on a bit but huge City supporter. Now with the Sunday Independent I think.
  13. Where's Towler? I haven't seen him in any of the friendlies so far.
  14. I reckon I buggered it by saying they looked decent at half time but like to think we've been far better in the second that them being worse. They have looked poor so far in the second though.
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