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  1. My sincerest best wishes ITN. Keep on fighting!
  2. Ska Junkie


    I've been with the same supplier for 3 years now, instantly contactable and an extremely good service, including iFollow. Very good indeed but, previously, I did have the same issues as you 2 with a fly by night supplier.
  3. Erm, have you reached puberty yet supersonic, with all possible respect? 'Gorgeous' is a word used for beautiful ladies, Dannii Minogue is gorgeous, Kathryn Jenkins is gorgeous. This is a shirt!
  4. That really doesn't sound good for Derby's survival chances at all.
  5. Or to the Dutch with our new 'total football'. Maybe not eh!
  6. Wouldn't we wear red against Hull and v Cov? It used to be first and change kit, has that changed? Honest question. I don't get the point of a 3rd kit tbh.
  7. Why would we need the third kit if that was the case? It, along with the red first kit, doesn't clash with anyone, maybe Burnley away?
  8. Does having a 3rd kit suggest our away kit could clash along with the home shirt at some away games? Away has to be white then doesn't it?
  9. Thanks 75, not a lot more he could say in all honesty. Positive interview as expected.
  10. Sorry Fuber. Perish the thought eh!
  11. I would have thought they all chafe a bit CA.
  12. Yet another 'chance' for Vyner? Surely not.
  13. Good luck to the lad, the security of a longer deal, at a lower level, more game time at a decent club. I wish him well.
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