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  1. Just watched the sky highlights and I still reckon their keeper touched it. I can't remember if we were given a corner though. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/bristol-city/12486525/bristol-city-1-0-derby
  2. I thought their keeper got a touch on it TBH, haven't seen the replay yet though. Hell of a save if he did!
  3. I would hazard a guess at Captain lies and bull5hit, our 'friend' from Henbury / Southmead. What a despicable piece of utter bullcrapping waste of breath that amoeba is! Probably has a w@nk every time he gets a bite. No doubt an anti vaccer, I would be utterly embarrassed to be associated with the same football club as that piece of shite! I'm amazed the genuine gas fans haven't put the piece of crap in his place TBH, it wouldn't happen on here!
  4. First enclosed stadium in the UK Scrumpty! Admittedly a bloody great tent. Coming for us mind!
  5. Barton probably 'showed no hostility' to the missing juror too! Hopefully, the juror recovers soon eh.
  6. https://www.designbuild-network.com/projects/forest-green-rovers-eco-park-stadium/ 50 acres according to this, including training pitches and ECO (or should that be EGO?) facilities.
  7. don't forget new builds have to have a fair gap between the edge of the playing surface and the front of any stands. Another site to gauge their available space. The O2 in London, is 11 acres, the whole FM site size. Just the dome, not the surrounding area.
  8. Not sure on the size of the Gate site but the HPC (:laugh:!) is 14 acres. Given the whole FM site is 11 (less than 80 % of the HPC size), they ain't getting anything too grand on it given all the other stuff supposedly being built there. .
  9. Im not sure I read that they would 'sell' the mem to the developer, more they would just hand it over to get use of the new stadium then the developer builds on the mem site, which has a covenant on it, at vast profit? They give away something they own to rent somewhere else at the beck and call of said developer. Sounds like an awful deal to me.
  10. Not having a pop Billy but, a genuine question if I may, what do you perceive to be our 'style of play' as I can't see one at the moment, which is pretty dispiriting?
  11. Joey threatened him yet? Surely only matter of time?
  12. Isn't it in the silver parking area? Used to be there. You have to book it on the NHS app I think.
  13. The local BBC news, 'Bristol rovers lost their local derby at Forest Green'. I very nearly pissed myself with laughter.
  14. How do they know people have paid then?
  15. That reeks of a cheap appointment to me and we know how they turn out.
  16. Same thing isn't it? Lovely stadium, absolute toilet of a town, been there many times for work.
  17. Thank you to the supporters at the game, sang us home, again.
  18. Didn't know that, ta. Well done boys, Benny MOTM for me.
  19. Allen has been sent of here before hasn't he?
  20. Brilliant Benny, brilliant. I can't spell Benarous.
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