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  1. Getting a hybrid Skoda tomorrow, supposedly 147 mpg, that's not happening but might save a few quid. Octavia SE-L IV for the petrol heads, wanted a VRS but it's too stiff and alot of extra money.
  2. Is that what actually happened to him? Blimey, I'm not sure I could have got over that atall. Poor bloke, that's really sad.
  3. Fair comment ITN. Alot more realistic than some. The Championship is a different ball game altogether with all respect.
  4. I would bet that you will be in the bottom 10 in league 1, £100 to the charity of choice.
  5. Don't many of the Prem clubs sell replica shirts and then match day shirts at an obscene price rise? I know Arsenal and Chelsea used to.
  6. A few people are mentioning 'lack of discipline' is inherent, I would add lack of respect to that as well, both for society and themselves. A pretty sad indictment in all honesty.
  7. That Brighton final was the closest I have ever come to walking away from BCFC, that really DID hurt. Didn't we beat them twice in the regular season as well? I thought McInnes was a decent bloke and a very intelligent Manager, we should have stuck rather than twisted 'again'.
  8. He does like a good clarks pie though (pure conjecture)!
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