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  1. Ah, the annual 'rebuild the Atyeo' thread where Steve is / has been buying / not buying all the houses apart from 1 even though they are for sale on the open market? Quite irritating, I would agree but it passes the downtime in the summer I suppose. I've no doubt it will reappear next summer.
  2. Great post Robbo, I feel exactly the same. Bravo Sir.
  3. As we've led all our games, would we be top in the half time league? Tells a story IMHO.
  4. I did that a good few years ago and got battered. The 12 Stella's was my excuse.
  5. I was just thinking the same, an out of sorts Hull city and 2 promoted sides with possibly nil points and we led in all 3 games. Starting to get a tad concerned tbh.
  6. Should make for some humorous 2nd half posts then Alex.
  7. Go on the Heef!! Local loyalty, their ground is 200 yards from my house.
  8. And there's me, like others, thinking she said 'f#&/ off you f#&/ing pr**k'!
  9. That was hilarious by Kelly, great surname too! No relative though. Great stuff ladies.
  10. I will go against the grain here as I thought his comments about the stricken player were really good. The rest, I couldn't give a monkeys tbh.
  11. To be fair, some of us can get cramp lying down (yes, I've cleaned that up). Oh FFS.
  12. I don't want to watch the bloody ref, I want a football match!
  13. Bullshit decision, hopefully fires us right up now!
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