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  1. Probably a small area in Horfield but I wouldn't consider a lot of areas in Bristol as blue anymore.
  2. I mean when you consider the solidarity payment in 18/19 was £4.6m for championship clubs and only £700,000 for league one and the TV revenue as well they missed out on a lot of money and given covid has impacted every club financially just imagine what that money would do for a club like Wycombe.
  3. I really don't get it. Garner had a plan and it was always going to take time but the potential of it was huge, couple of players sell for 6 figures and suddenly everyone is laughing. The fact they hired Barton with no guarantee of continuing this plan just baffles me (as does the fact they hired him in the first place) yes you need to blend youth and experience together but relying on Pitman and Clarke to get you promoted is only going to end badly and there is no resale value. Barton has taken the club backwards.
  4. You mean 36 year old Leon Clarke isn't going to get them £15m?!
  5. Right so they have breached FFP for possibly numerous years will they be punished for that as well as the 21 points from administration and the EFL thing.
  6. Richer then us, coming for us, new stadium in 3 years was it? Boycotting Sainsbury's, always blaming officials, hundreds locked out. No idea why you'd call them special...
  7. I can see why it was a yellow as he wanted to take a free kick and the Swansea player who he took out kicks it away.
  8. It's impossible not for Loyal and Prowed Gasheads they would never boo their team off it must be some Ted's that got into the away end starting trouble again!
  9. When the sags said HMS piss the league did the mean the Conference South? Because I'm looking at the table and it must be wrong it says they are 23rd ahead of an Oldham team who I would be surprised if they stayed up.
  10. Only spurs did more to their stadium that year don't you know.
  11. As far as I'm aware no other owner has complained about it and I'm sure derby were offered the exact same terms as all the other clubs. I do hope that the EFL give them the additional 9 points because the people running the club are in no other terms cheats. I feel sorry for everyone else, the tea lady, the kit man, the chef's and all of these other people because a lot of them will probably lose their jobs as a result of this.
  12. They are just scared about being outnumbered by the away fans. Then again 1,000,000,000 fans will inevitably be locked out again.
  13. Tbf derby signed Jagielka, Baldock, Morrison, Davies and I think one other because they didn't have any players basically and those are all under EFL agreed terms.
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