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  1. It'll go something like this "I do believe I can get us promoted because I am great, no one is better then me, I believe God sent me to win promotion with this basket case of a club." And that'll be win or lose.
  2. The sags could only wish for a team as good as that. Tavernier, Flint, Pack, Freeman, Wilbraham (who I assume the sags were hoping Clarke, Pitman and the other aging strikers would be like), Bryan etc that team was one of the best league one teams ever in the last 10 years easily.
  3. "it was divine intervention that led us to victory over the team who were level with us only above us on goal difference. I would like to thank Carlisle for giving 3 points to charity because they are the bigger club, they didn't have to give us 3 points but thanks to their generosity our fans can believe that we will be promoted."
  4. Whilst I'm happy for their fans getting rid of Ashley who feels like he ripped the soul out of the club I'm always on the fence with capital from Saudi Arabia with their human rights issues.
  5. Was it who wants to be a millionaire? because he seems to need a bit of cash.
  6. Nah the tarmac gives it away. Only spurs did more to their stadium that year don't you know.
  7. Good player not a great attitude and I hope he gets all the help he needs in terms of mental health. Wish him all the best at his next club (as long as it's not the gas).
  8. And can I have some? I'm guessing they were referring to the rugby on Friday between Bristol and Bath which drew 23,000+ which is about the same number of Gasheads who are locked out the ground every game?
  9. If he stays fit he'll be as important to us as Korey was. He's been quality in the appearances so far and ok sure he'll only get better with match fitness etc. I think all credit needs to go to the new medical team and Joe to get him to where he is because something wasn't right last season as he was always injured.
  10. If it was Joe Williams on the edge of the box that the fans are talking about the highlights don't show much but none of the players are appealing for handball which you would expect.
  11. A thin and inferior squad who are in the play offs. A squad that isn't calling in a favour for a mate to get a contract. But we all know what they will be saying "we won the first half" "we're only 5 points off the play offs" (whilst failing to mention they are 3 points off the bottom of the table). "Garner was negligent and now we're paying for it" etc.
  12. There has to be some word that describes failing to take proper care of a club that any normal person would. A word that starts with N I would say...
  13. I'm 30 first game my dad took me to was a derby which we won 2-0. But I don't think of them as a rival the gap has been there for pretty much most of my life and it's hard to see them as rivals I'm more concerned with Cardiff and Swansea then I am the 15ers. They are obsessed with us (singing songs about us, checking scores constantly etc) but it feels like we've moved on, we'll all have a chuckle about their misfortune but it's hard to think of them as a true rival anymore.
  14. Just remember what he did at Ipswich. Under huge constraints 14th, 9th, 6th, 7th, 16th and 12th and then Ipswich fans didn't want him because of his style and they got relegated the season after. Having to do basically a rebuilding job at wolves because of financial issues. He has a good record at this level much like Warnock.
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