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  1. I'd say Morrell would probably partner Nagy in the midfield with Walsh playing a bit further forward. O'Leary is a difficult one he's definitely our 2nd choice and if he needed to step up he could with no problem but he needs game time, a full season at Shrewsbury did him all the best and maybe another league one loan would be beneficial.
  2. It is a very good beard. A new training ground has been long overdue and its been good to see the progress that has been made. I thoroughly enjoyed following the progress of the bears high performance centre and that looks stunning.
  3. Semenyo is an interesting one. He's impressed without ever reaching the goalscoring form we'd hope and he has shown some moments where you see why Chelsea wanted him. I think a league one loan for a full season would be best for him not recall him halfway through the season like Newport. As for the answer to this in terms of the younger players with the exception of Walsh and Morrell who will most likely feature. Jonny Smith may get some time if Eliasson leaves. Bakinson may be close to the first team as well. Vince Harper and Soady may be training with the first team as well bo
  4. Atalanta are a fantastic team to watch. Gian Piero Gasperini has them playing some fantastic football. Gomez going off had a huge impact as he is the key player for them. He's the player I want Kasey to be like a free attacking midfielder or false second striker as described by Gomez himself.
  5. Pepijn Linders & Peter Kraweitz. I've tried signing them so many times in football manager their names are burned into my mind.
  6. Charlton are said to be taking legal advice over the situation they would have survived if the Sheffield Wednesday punishment took place this season. It doesn't make sense for Wigan's punishment to be "well if you do well it applies this season, if you get relegated it's next" whereas Sheffield Wednesday's (and most likely Derby who I feel should get an even bigger points deduction for overpricing their stadium) is next season.
  7. The only reason surrounding all the negativity is because we didn't get Chris Hughton or Paul Cook. Just because he's the fans choice doesn't mean he's a bad manager and yes I've said in a different thread he should have been given the same target as LJ and top 6 at the end of the season. The only way he'd go by Christmas is if we are in the bottom 3 with it looking like there's no way to change it.
  8. What is acceptable? 6th LJ got sacked for not getting us into the play offs why should Holden have an easier ride?
  9. Williams is a good defender there's no doubt about that but he's 35 and I feel we could bring in another player for what we'd pay him. We have Vyner and Moore that are more then capable of doing a job there. Joe Low may feature in the bench a few times maybe even Baldwin.
  10. A 12 month rolling contract isn't that rare a lot of teams seemingly do it now but it's beneficial for everyone. If Holden does well we renew the contract. If Holden doesn't do well we aren't paying out 2-3 years of a contract or we don't renew the contract.
  11. I've said it in the Holden thread. Given that this recruitment process has taken 5 weeks to end up with Holden (no offence to Holden) Ashton has to be putting his job on the line. If it a goes wrong then the blame has to lie solely with Ashton not Lansdown. Ashton is our CEO so would have been responsible for the interview process, he would have been the one to say to Lansdown "Holden is our man".
  12. It's not the fact that the fans are mad at Holden. It's the fact for 5 weeks we've heard nothing from the club, that we've been linked with people who have excelled in the championship or lower leagues and we've appointed a manager with a record of 5 wins 7 draws and 8 losses. The objective shouldn't change for next season we should still be aiming for the top 6 and I don't think we'll get many better chances of doing and to many fans (including myself) this doesn't show the ambition. That's where the frustration comes from which already puts Holden on the back foot with the fans.
  13. Good read and I can't see any BS in there. Loves the club with a passion and it didn't work out. Imo if he does find another club to continue his development learn more lessons I wouldn't mind having him back. When you have someone who loves the club in charge it helps sell the club to the players.
  14. Is it bad that I saw this and thought "god I wish that was true"
  15. I thought choice 5 was Mike Bassett
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