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  1. He's off that's why he's not playing, we're saving him so we can get £30m for him. But for real Nige knows what Bentley can do, we all know what Bentley can do, pre season is a good chance for Nige to see how Max and Harvey do without having chucked them in the deep end.
  2. The sags can only dream of having a stadium like Salford and Stevenage. The sags have one of the worst grounds in league two and not many are worse in the National League either.
  3. Should've just called the mem shit. But when we see the 2 stadiums in a video like this you realise just how non-league the sags stadium is.
  4. You do feel given that Marlee is one of our own we should know his strengths and weaknesses to stop him scoring against us. I know that Nigel wants a smaller squad and I can see Benarous being around the first team squad for this season.
  5. If rumours are to be beloved then the sags paid a hefty wage for the likes of Agent Little, Kyle Bennett (who was rumoured to be earning about £4k a week), Luke Leahy, James Daly ad a few others. Releasing them would've freed up wages. I think they've only paid for one of the signings (minus the loans which will probably have a small fee).
  6. "Yeah but no one counts preseason" or w/e they are saying over there. Preseason is going to be massively important when you've signed all those players. It doesn't matter if you're "getting your fitness back" a decent pre season can get you a good start of the season.
  7. No they do that after they beat Havant & Waterlooville on Tuesday
  8. Even the night Barcelona of league 2 will have slip ups. This is all part of their plan to lose every pre season game so their opponents will think they are shit and underestimate them, ofc the truth is they are shit.
  9. Can't say just how accurate this is but baring last season he's still put in a hell of a shift for us and in 18/19 we had Webster and Kalas hence the reason for only 16 appearances. This whole situation of he's constantly injured seems to just be a bit of hearsay yes he missed practically all of last season injured but he's still put in 30+ games a season otherwise.
  10. They started the announce promotion as soon as they got relegated they said they would have an early promotion party because League 2 will be a walk over.
  11. You aren't allowed to apply facts to Gas Logic. Those attendances don't include the 100,000,000 fans that are constantly locked out of the ground every week. They would be averaging 1,000,000,000 if they had a new stadium which shows they are the bigger club.
  12. I definitely think Wycombe will be taking legal advice the fact of the matter is Derby have cheated and have benefited from it denying Wycombe a place in the league this year. The fact Derby don't have to submit amended accounts until the 18th August in which 2 league games would already be played you know for a fact they'll leave it to the last second. The EFL need to suspend the first 2 league games for both Derby and Wycombe or they shouldn't be given so long to resubmit the accounts.
  13. They were and with Plymouth being promoted and Swindon finishing above them. The fewers are officially the worst league team in the South West.
  14. According to them by the time they play FGR away they'll have already won the league and be singing that they are coming for us.
  15. Wish him all the best. Absolutely top bloke and top pro gave his all for the club and that's all we ask. I'm sure if Donny ever visited the gate he'd get a good reception.
  16. I always look out for the Braga Shirts as they are probably the closest to us style wise that use Hummel. These are from last season but I do like them.
  17. Even as a neutral you would question just how many more chances is he going to get. Hes been given chance after chance after chance and he's still a thug. It's not a first offence and he has had previous jail time, in my eyes there is a real chance that if found guilty he's going to be jailed and it won't be a suspended sentence.
  18. The offence is ABH "According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the offence of ABH is committed ‘when a person intentionally or recklessly assaults another… causing actual bodily harm’." From the prosecutions case today Barton was intent on getting into a scrap with Stendel (or a pushing match) which caused Stendel to fall off balance and hit the side of the tunnel causing injury including the tooth coming loose from the bone. This seems like it'll be a category 3 (although could be a stage 2). "The sentencing guidelines for ABH fall into three categories, with Category 1 is the most serious and involving greater harm and high culpability. Category 2 involves either more significant harm but lower culpability or lesser harm and higher culpability Category 3 involves lesser harm and lower culpability." Given Joey's past History it could honestly go either way if he's found guilty he could be locked up or given another suspended sentence
  19. 6 teams have stadiums with bigger capacities but every other club have better stadiums (how many other teams have tents for stands) Rovers aren't a big League 2 club they are a league 2 club. If we were to get relegated we'd be a big league one club but not just because we got relegated.
  20. Wally would probably accept £5m just to get some money back I feel. But when you need to put in £30m+ for a stadium that isn't even in the planning stage you would question who would want to buy them.
  21. https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1399990128936992769?s=19 Saw this from Kieran about MM possibly being struck off would this have any impact on Derby at all?
  22. Chelsea managed the game better. Brentford and Blackpool did fantastic jobs at stopping Swansea and Lincoln. As for Burnley and Dyche he's done such a bad job keeping them in the Premiership since 16/17 and even getting them into Europe at one point!
  23. So loyal they can't even fill their ground to attendance even when covid didn't happen. But they are always the victim "we didn't get a capacity crowd because the balloon fiesta is on" (yeah for good reason because Balloon fiesta and city playing at home would be a nightmare) "England are playing at the same time so obviously people will watch that" or like the little brother who will always try and one up you like the rovers fan who went on the Man City forum to say that no one liked us and that rovers were liked more by other teams.
  24. Let's say from a free kick a player is onside and scores that is a clear and obvious error and VAR should intervene. If a ball is played in behind and the linesman flags for offside even though the player is onside I'd give a free kick for offside. I still feel like human error needs to be in the game otherwise its going to get too slow if VAR interrupts everything.
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