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  1. Low & Towler start, Edwards on bench
  2. You tease, still remember the day they went non league very clearly, you have brought an even wider smile to my face after today’s result against Cardiff
  3. What an enjoyable drive back from work that was. Apologies to all drivers coming in the opposite direction who though I was waving my fists at them I was merely expressing my joy as 1,2,3,4 goals went in!
  4. Careful with your typos don’t want the whole world knowing your private life
  5. Not had mine either thanks for reminding me will chase next week
  6. I’m still waiting anyone else? Will see what the post brings today
  7. I shan’t be losing any sleep over it, I think a player will surprise us due to the Pearson factor. Moore came here with a lot of promise & has shown glimpses but has also made some howlers. Think it will be an interesting season, hopefully spent watching it at the ground.
  8. The 11 that start against Blackpool for a start, which youngsters will develop further? Will the likes of HNM, Bakinson & Semenyo step up another gear? Who will benefit most from Pearson’s leadership? My guess is Taylor Moore! Ok you can stop laughing now, injured for most of the latter part of last season & appears to have bulked up more from what I remember from last season.
  9. Ok look casual, there’s no pizza in this box
  10. It may also explain the lack of effort of some during games, obviously this would be one of a group of factors. The players appearing to be the problem were actually the symptoms of something bigger & underlying
  11. Luckily no queues at the “men”
  12. No idea read somewhere over the weekend according to transfermark he is 1.92 m is that 6’4”? know I’ve seen it somewhere Wiki saying he’s 6’4”
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