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  1. My thoughts are with you recently lost my partner who was hit by a van while walking along the pavement to the hairdressers. There is nothing anyone can say x
  2. Very kind of you, like I said lots of support but feel totally overwhelmed with everything.
  3. This is very hard to write but my beautiful partner was hit by a van as she walked to the hairdresser in Downend on Friday morning & sadly died of her unserviceable injuries Friday evening thankfully I was by her side. Her ward was turned into a Covid ward early on & she was terrified that she would pass it onto me, I am a community nurse pretty sure we both got Covid but it was very early on & so before testing. We spent weeks living in different bedrooms so don’t go there re: PM. I miss her everyday & we had so many plans, luckily I have lots of support around me.
  4. Think we signed him on a free from someone possibly a London club?
  5. Sorry Dorset most definitely in the West Country/South West /Wessex
  6. He use to be the groundsman at the “men”
  7. Shame Woollcott is not playing would of been interesting to see how he is progressing since he left us
  8. We have the wrong Palmer
  9. All players & officials take the knee not seen that before, that will upset a few on here
  10. Bet he moos well across the pitch
  11. I know the place it’s were they shoot scenes for the Walking Dead
  12. I’m in North Somerset I’ll be over in 5 minutes
  13. Only offering audio for me unless there isn’t one
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