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  1. The Czech Republic have 4 matches in June so if he's fit and can get some pitch time before then he may be in contention for a start in some or all of those games. If he plays he will be in the media spotlight globally. So a fee paying transfer could be possible. I take the point that TK played best with Webster but there is the possibility that an incoming centre back during the window could be the perfect pairing to get TK back to the best form we've seen from him so far. Thomas has some very good attributes, not least he is quick on the turn and over the first 10 yards. Or perhaps Atkinson will make the step up after an injury / illness start here to be the ideal partner for him either in a 3 or 4 at the back. One way or another It may yet turn out to be a big(ish) plus for us. Or get him signed on a new, lower wage deal and improve the balance sheet? Although I think that is less likely than a fee paying transfer if we can get it.
  2. Here's the link to the Interim Report. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1004891/TC_letter_to_Oliver_Dowden_Accessible_Format.pdf
  3. Recommendations of the government report into football governance from the former sports minister and Johnson buddy Tracey Crouch. "They call for legislation to create an independent football regulator to oversee finances and governance, with a licensing system, wage caps and powers to stop owners mortgaging club assets. Fans might gain a veto over certain changes. " Something will probably happen, how much probably depends on Johnson's latest whim, but there could be some controls coming and an end to the chaos which is afflicting so many clubs.
  4. Interesting article in the FT 28th December. Bristol Sport might be an attractive target. "Private capital’s rush into the business of sport Institutional investors see long-term opportunities from short-term disruption, but there are risks The owner of Liverpool FC, which won England’s Premier League in 2020, is in talks to go public in the US via a special purpose acquisition company "
  5. If MA and JL are experiencing the sort of negotiations most MDs go through when appointing to a key appointment then there's a possibility that CH's agent has leaked a story of Watford and his client's interest to achieve several aims. More money for the transfer fund than we have outlined. More salary than we've offered. I think CH will sign but the waiting is tough.
  6. Mr P, Coppello, do you know if FFP breaches are dealt with by the the EFL's Disciplinary Commission with a barrister and an arbitrator with minimum 5 years post qualification experience or are they reviewed "lower down" first? Do the EFL have a legal affairs dept? I can't find anything which refers to one on the EFL site.
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