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  1. Thought half term was last week
  2. I have a spare code available if anybody would like it, just PM me.
  3. Super super Sam, Super super Sam, Super super Sam, Super Sammie Szmodics
  4. Did anyone have any trouble moving more than one ticket at the same time? Tried to move mine and couple of mates but was told we all have to phone individually to move seats & risk someone else snapping up the other seats.
  5. Old news, signed in May 2017 https://twitter.com/bcfcacademy1/status/869487363747180544?lang=en
  6. Sky Sports News expect Luton Town manager Nathan Jones to be appointed the Stoke City manager later today. The compensation fee of over £1m has been agreed with the Sky Bet League One club... Luton gotta be a job for Dopey
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