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  1. Surely the sensible solution would be , narrow down to let’s say 5 or 6 place a poll on line and ask for fans options / choice , then in 2-3 , 6 months time if all is not going to plan and section 82 is calling for the managers head at least the board can say , you had a choice , let’s give him time ?
  2. So sad for your loss ,city family are with you today and always ,so sorry for your loss x
  3. would Be interested,can I call to arrange purchase
  4. No other manager at no other club would still be in a job ,check out the grim stats for the year 2018 ,woeful
  5. Joe Garner. Please identify a more horrible,annoying little scumbag
  6. God bless little man ,so brave never to be forgotten all our love to his parents
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