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  1. Could Mel Morris just be waiting for Derby to go bang so he can pick up the club name cheaply and start over again? He already has the stadium. The level of support should guarantee a decent tier to begin at.
  2. Why does nothing happen when I select the ‘watch live’ option?
  3. Those City fans shouting 'mind the gap' may be interested to learn that Rovers were saying the same thing 56 years ago. Whilst tidying the attic a few days ago I found a program from the Glos Cup Final played at Eastville on 23 May 1963. The inside notes described Rovers "impressive dominance" in that for "fourteen successive seasons Rovers held a higher Football League position than City - a record that is unlikely to be beaten". That was from 1948 to 1962. That comment certainly tempted fate because City then dominated for 19 years from 1963 until 1981. City's present run of dominance started in 2001 and is currently in its 20th year meaning Rovers run has not just been beaten but beaten twice.
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