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  1. You make a great point... where will Nige play him? I still think we've got some business to do yet, but i personally see him as an "all rounder" central midfielder. I'm not saying he's Steven Gerrard, but i think he's an all action dynamic midfielder. He's happy to get on the ball, has an eye for a pass, isn't afraid to get stuck in and can score a few goals. I really hope he's still with us for this coming season and Nige has the courage to just let him play.
  2. Completely agree Dave, it's all about opinions, but for me we do miss so much without Semenyo in the side. Like i mentioned, Weimann had an outstanding goalscoring season last year which he hadn't produced in his career previously, but much of that was down to Semenyo and his running power which allowed us to play more in the final third. Maybe Nige is planning a change in formation, or a more positive approach, but i stick by my prediction that a top half finish would be a big over achievement.
  3. I love your optimism Dave but without Semenyo, the squad (as it stands) lacks offensive power. Whilst i really hope Weimann can replicate last season, his history tells us he won't, especially as I believe Semenyo was the catalyst for many of his goals last season. The Champ looks (on paper) a pretty average league next year and there will be a few surprise teams that make the play offs. I truly hope we massively improve, but i still think Nige will have done really well if he gets us in to the top half.
  4. Semenyo is the only player we have with genuine pace and power and to be without him for any period of time will be hard. I still think we've got quite a bit of business to sort out (both ins and outs) and Nige may be looking to bring in another forward. The first 4 or 5 months of last season without Semenyo were pretty poor and i do think the few positive performances/results at the end have raised expectations. If Nige gets us near the top half next season he will have done well in my eyes.
  5. Just watched part one... some interesting bits and obviously talks about the jail incident and his time at City. I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but it's worth a watch/listen.
  6. I was sat behind him at a restaurant in Benidorm about 6 years ago and he was with his wife having a meal. He seemed like a decent enough guy when a few people recognised him and asked for pictures. Being a referee is a bit of a thankless task to be fair and whilst we all like to give the "bloke in black" some abuse, i'm sure they are all doing the job with the best of intentions. He has always been a character and i think the Premier League will be a poorer place without him.
  7. The riduculous wages and reported signing on fee
  8. FFP.... Can anyone explain how PSG can get away with this? The whole thing is a farce and is open to manipulation by the top teams.
  9. I agree and i think for his own health, the safest option for him would be to call it a day. Surely by now, both Nathan and the club would know what the future holds? If he is unable to play again it would have been great to have given him a send off at the Hull game. He always gave 100% and when fit, was one of the first names on the teamsheet for me.
  10. Apologies if i've missed this in another thread, but does anyone know any more about Bakers situation? If (and i appreciate it's a big If) he was to join in pre season training and be available for us next season, it would be a massive boost. A fit Nathan Baker is a very good Champ centre back and personally i would love to see him back next season.
  11. Excellent summary... i agree that now is probably the time for him to move on, but as i've said before, i wouldn't be surprised to see him do well at another Champ club. He's 27 now so as long as he gets over his injury issues of last season, then i think he will have interest from a number of other clubs.
  12. That would be a decent signing for The Shrews. League 1 will be a strong division again next season but i'm sure Cotts will be aiming higher than he managed this season.
  13. If Nige is hoping to get us in to the top half of the league next season then we need to add 3 or 4 players who will be first team starters. We are likely to lose a fair few from this years group (mainly squad players) but we need to add some quality, or i can only see another season of bottom half struggle. Time will tell but this summers recruitment is huge.
  14. I hope we can hang on to him for another year. He's got all the qualities to play in The Prem and would be the most difficult to replace (in my opinion)
  15. Wow, if that's correct Dave then we will find it really hard to hang on to him this summer ☹
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