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  1. I felt the same when i got home and reviewed the game, which is quite strange after watching a 0-0 draw. There are definitely some green shoots of improvement and the main problem remains at the top end of the pitch, but we all knew that before the season started. We looked organised, more able to compete physically and the players seem to know what the plan is, which in itself, is a vast improvement on the last few seasons! A lot of work still to do but i believe we're moving in the right direction.
  2. I'm down for my first game of the season on Saturday so apologies if i have already missed this... it says the Portway P&R doesnt start until 12.45? Last season it was an hour or more earlier which meant you could get to the Sports bar to watch the early kick off. Can anyone confirm? Obviously i mean the last season we could attend!
  3. I think Matty James is a very good player but we need to be fair and admit that Marlon was an excellent servant for us for a number of seasons. Marlon was never the most mobile central midfielder and his legs have pretty much gone now, but he served us well. Matty James is very comfortable on the ball and can back it up physically, which is something we have really missed in the last couple of seasons.
  4. I have been watching City for 40 years and whilst i completely agree that we shouldn't go overboard after 2 league games, its very clear that this squad is average and results are unlikely to improve without 2 or 3 quality additions, primarily in the attacking areas. Nige still has my backing but i have to say i am worried by his start and expected a bit better. When you compare the reaction that both McCarthy and Warnock have had then it is concerning.
  5. I'm sorry to say it, but we are going nowhere quickly. As i've got older i try to look at things in a balanced way but there is no doubting that we are a below average side (again) and this will be another season of struggle. In years gone by we've always had a couple of decent players in the squad, however this is as average as i can ever remember. I would be very surprised if we get anything at The Riverside on Saturday and the pressure will be on Nige and the squad already.
  6. I've got nothing against Nagy and i feel he always gave his best but i dont feel he has the quality to dictate a game in The Champ. Players like Barry Bannan, Ryan Woods and Alex Mowatt can do it but Nagy doesnt have that in his game. We have had many worse players than him over the years but if we receive a reasonable offer then its an easy decision for me.
  7. I completely agree. We would need to bring in another Champ ready centre back but i'm sure there will be plenty of loans/free agents available. It appears that Nige is happy to pick a team without Kalas in it, so i think its likely he will move on.
  8. I just dont see it Marco... Marlon had a much better passing range and can handle himself physically. Maybe, as you say, he's more suited to other leagues in Europe but i just don't see what his main strengths are?
  9. I think Baker and Atkinson compliment each other pretty well and the only problem is that they are both left footed. Atkinson will prove to be a good signing and i'm sure his value will rise over the next few years. If we receive a decent offer for Kalas, i would cash in and improve the forward areas of the squad. I think we would need to bring another centre back in, but that could be a free agent/loan with any money going towards an attacker.
  10. Unfortunately this is very true. I've been watching City regularly since the late 80's and i can only really remember 4 or 5 seasons where the football was consistantly exciting and i went in to games thinking we were going to win! Its part of the strange enjoyment of supporting a team like City. Fans of Brighton, Burnley and Bournemouth will all have thought the same over the last 40 years but they got there shot in The Prem and hopefully we will too soon
  11. There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes that us fans don't see and it may well be the case that Nagy found it hard to settle and we never saw the best of him. However, i still fail to see what his main strengths are as a central midfielder? He hasn't got the passing range to dominate a game, he doesn't score (many) goals and he struggles physically. He runs around alot but give me £15k a week and i would run around alot! I hope we can move him on and use the money for an attacking player which is desperately needed
  12. I don't like being too negative after one game but unfortunately this is going to be another tough season to watch. Blackpool will be bottom 6. If we can move on 1 or 2 players and bring in decent funds to replace them with a couple of pacey aggressive forward options then my mind may change, but otherwise i just don't see us scoring enough goals to finish top half
  13. Could you please provide similar stats for the French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian and Swedish sides of the same era, so that we have a full picture of football in the 1960's
  14. Thats a valid point regarding heading being part of an occupation and therefore i'm sure it will be challenged by an ex players family at some point, who will undoubtebly win the case and the millions of pounds that come with it! But... what a sad world we are living in if we have to challenge every enjoyment we have. The world we live in is being diluted more and more every year and surely its better to live a full and enjoyable 75 years than 85 years of containment and restrictions?
  15. I don't want to get in to a tit for tat debate with you but if you've ever drank alcohol or eaten red meat then you've statistically increased your risk of developing cancer. I think the general concensus of this post is that removing heading from football would damage the game, but i respect your opinion if you think differently
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