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  1. Well done Preston keep fans in the loop and I’m sure genuine fans will understand and just shows how the owner and his CEO at our club are treating the fans with contempt
  2. Pathetic you really can’t know what a forum is about
  3. 100 pages but you’re still contributing it’s because it matters to us and maybe we don’t trust SL to make the best footballing decision
  4. Not saying I know anything just going on previous experience of city’s employment of managers we are to slow sometimes you have to get the best available and CH was that man (he may still be that man)
  5. I would be surprised if anyone more qualified is interested and if they are surely we should be securing their services before somebody else does
  6. Not for me but who knows starting to lose patience now
  7. CH is the best available and has been since LJ was sacked if we don’t employ him it is another sign of lack of ambition and poor management from the top
  8. My point was nobody employed by Bristol City fc have been furloughed only the other parts of th business
  9. At the moment Bristol sport and Ashton gate stadium staff are furloughed Bristol city fc staff are not
  10. Just watched spurs beat rovers 9.0 on classic MOD priceless
  11. Definitely more eventful but we were younger then
  12. Was it you who got chased across the pitch up into the stand then dragged down the steps by the of bill
  13. Terry cooper came over to the away end and asked for calm .city mob walked through the home end before the start of my memory serves me right
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