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  1. Mr Hankey


    Such a poor & limited player at this level. Will be decent in League One, which is where i expect he will be come January.
  2. Had my second jab yesterday, side effects have been pretty brutal so far! Definately agree that its your own body, so entirely up to the individual, but with things like travel & pre-season tournaments abroad, it will only become more difficult for un-vaccinated players. Think the majority will end up being double jabbed within the next year or so once the hysteria & conspiracies die down.
  3. In my opinion, Arteta would probably relegate most prem sides, such is his poor coaching abilities. Just because he was assistant at Man City with Pep means nothing, just look at Mike Phelan when he went to Wigan after being with SAF. Wenger does need to take a bit of resposibilty as he should of left a couple of years earlier when the likes of Pep, Klopp & Ancelotti could of been tempted to Arsenal, but those days are gone now. The signings of the likes of Chambers & Holding shown he was starting to lose it. No idea what their plan for the future is, but right now they should be doing everything they can to try & convince Conte to join.
  4. Unlucky goal, but perhaps i would of expected a keeper of Bentleys calibre to have quicker reactions to the first defelction…..or am i being too harsh? Perhaps the slowed down replay makes it look like he had more time to react
  5. Already 6 injuries as well, apparently…
  6. You just knew it wasn’t going to be a nice easy 3-1!
  7. So then who is right for us? It certainly isn’t the current partnership.
  8. Which is hilarious, as hes actually pretty shit, but shows where we are defensively
  9. The more criminal part is Atkinson not jumping for the original header, basic ******* defending
  10. I really hope we will be signing another 2 defenders if Kalas goes
  11. Must be a wingers dream to play against Vyner at this level
  12. Taylor Moore has been given countless chances as his 48 league appearances show & is now close to mid-twenties & has never shown he has consistently been able to learn from previous mistakes. Thought it was a risk giving him a longer contract last season after 2 or 3 ok games. Would definately get rid.
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