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  1. It was never a big TV, just a bog standard 32”, just looked massive because our Lee is only little.
  2. Don’t understand how you can watch the team and not want to see them in the very top league? I imagine those that say “na don’t fancy it” could perhaps be those that no longer watch the team in the ground & pay for their tickets, maybe just go to the pub before the match for a few with mates but don’t actually end up in the ground? I know a few like that, nowt wrong with it either. But i mean i dont understand why you would pay £400 quid a year on tickets and not want to see your team in the very best league in world football? Indeed however stupidly unlikely it may be, any team can do what Leicester done once in that division!
  3. I’m never one to turn down a good time.
  4. Would you rather participate in a knitting circle or a circle jerk?
  5. Not a chance, Pep picks LJ’s brains, no way does Michael Appleton outfox him...
  6. Lincoln only have themselves to blame if they lose this now. Don’t see either side laying much of a glove on Blackpool based on the performances so far.
  7. Suprised Lincoln are in the play offs & not down at the very bottom with Rovers based on this half so far, their defence look semi pro standard.
  8. Mr Hankey


    Not fully sure what Bournemouths game plan has been this second half. Seems like it was just to wait & wait then try & catch Brentford on the counter again, but they certainly don’t deserve anything, even with 10 men.
  9. Mr Hankey


    Yep can see it happening myself, come 90 mins he will be running his ass off chasing a ball that has gone out of play trying to take a quick goal kick!
  10. Mr Hankey


    Begovic is being a proper shit house today, finding it pretty funny though
  11. Mr Hankey


    No longer matters if it’s intentional... Of course, your arms wont be by your side....but they certainly dont have to be above head height! Them the rules
  12. Mr Hankey


    Woodgate is such a fraud of a manager, will be delighted if they get hammered now.
  13. Mr Hankey


    I dont think that gets overturned by VAR, no chance, you can slide without sticking your arms above your head. Anyway, who gives a shit!? It happened.
  14. Mr Hankey


    Both arms are above his head, may be classed as harsh, but i really don’t understand in this day and age how it wouldnt be a penalty
  15. Mr Hankey


    This is gonna be a fun match. Don’t agree with Don Goodman, his arms were clearly up so its a penalty.
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