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  1. Thank you for the fantastic memories RIP TC
  2. I think they might be using a binatone amp hooked up to a couple of waltham speakers
  3. Just perfecting it for when the real games start next week no doubt john moss anthony taylor mike dean and the rest of the crew will be suitably bamboozled
  4. Me to bud on a coach from hanham bus depot what a fantastic day and as you say swelteringly hot thanks for the memory big cheese
  5. we paid 1 million for marley brentford paid 1.5 for oliie marleys worth 80p ollies worth 80 million
  6. I think we got our watkins all mixed up could have had ollie ended up with marley pure genius
  7. Its coming home noggers always believe bud
  8. Feel free to come and join me noggers
  9. I really really love that sog so good so good
  10. What you all think about us adopting it for our anthem a really uplifting song sang by young and old alike would love to hear it booming out around the gate whats rekon
  11. Well carrott and dean apart from top lookalikes are both comeadians
  12. I remember the old man up and down like a weston donkey to change channels all three of em then leaping out of his seat to smash his fist on top of the tv to stop the picture rolling over an over
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