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  1. Kasey palmer pato and marley watkins
  2. Please stop teasing alligator i cant take much more
  3. In ten years weve gone from millen and wigley to holden and downing iam so glad i held back buying a season ticket how depressing
  4. I think its safe to say this dream team will defo take us to the next level
  5. Thanks for the memories korey good luck for the futre
  6. Cheers bud ive been roaring the reds on since 1967 and will continue regardless and if i was doing it sat next to you id buy you a pint or two COYR
  7. Hi batfastard just a little message offering my aplogies for an unwarranted outburst towards yourself your quite right who ever gets the job i will follow throgh thick and thin mostly thin really sorry fellow red
  8. If you always do what youve always done youll always get what youve always got
  9. Bitterley dissapointing just watching news item on points west about bristol bears and their world class coach pat lam and another couple of world class players signing meanwhile the football club are about to annouce dean holden and ash williams really steve
  10. Mate why dont you wrap it in for **** sake ive had a gutsfull of your SHITE
  11. Yeah but its been very succsesfull thus far
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