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  1. What a great man he was. as a player, manager, and a hero who saved our club. If only football was full of men like him. RIP Terry, we all agree a total legend for this club, and we don't have many. Our thoughts are all with his family and friends, thankyou for sharing part of his life with us. Thankyou for all of the memories Terry.
  2. Good luck Paul and best wishes. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with same, had a kidney removed at the great Southmead hospital. Unfortunately it had spread. I am still on oral chemotherapy and doing very well. All my scans are now clear. The side effects can be a bit trying but overall I feel very good. The only symptom I had was that one day I went for a wee and passed some blood. It only happened once. After some nagging from my wife, I went to the doctor. Because off my age [over 60] I was given an emergency appointment at Southmead. After an initial examination I was sent for scans, and diagnosed about 2 weeks later. So the message is if you find or notice any changes to the way your body feels or acts get it checked out.
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