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  1. Traditional county border is actually the River Avon, anything north is Glorious Gloucestershire, anything south Somerset Bottlers. Bristol itself was created a county in 1373 and included a small part of the area that would become Bedminster.When the Nevil Rd County Ground was opened it was in open countryside in Gloucestershire,a fact which seems to escape the nimby idiots who only recently moved in.
  2. For a player the uninitiated could describe as 'lumbering' he never seemed out of position and you rarely saw him off his feet.
  3. The season ended just before Christmas
  4. Caulker was immense for an 18 year old,straight into the championship like an old hand. Nearly deserving of legendary status solely for that late goal at QPR that caused the Warnock meltdown
  5. He also bullied the Palace defence into submission
  6. Duric's first touch and ability to bring others into play was light years ahead of Fam,not to say Fam doesn't have other strengths.
  7. Reminds me a bit of Jon Stead in build, if he was half as good he'd have a good career
  8. Got to be Barnsley, they're the club the Prem would probably least like.
  9. I cant wait to pay to watch Spurs vs Inter to decide who finishes 17th
  10. Nothing to play for? I dont think we're safe just yet!
  11. No excuse defensively, obviously different when you've got the ball.
  12. Despite what some have said I don't think he was out muscled at all,looked just as physical as any other out there tonight. Ps Nagy was superb.
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