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  1. Horsell Common is nearby where the Martians first land in War of the World's. I've been there and it's worth visiting. Very strange place,you can take a bucket and spade and play in the sand pits, there's definitely an 'atmosphere' about the place.
  2. Two early 1-0's etched in my memory, Alan Walsh at Bradford in the league cup quarter final and Brooker getting a very early one at MK and we missed it queuing up outside
  3. So we keep a decent team like Blackburn to one shot on target and we're pressing for a win at the end,and you can't see any improvement? Try sitting in a seat facing the pitch.
  4. His complete air shot near the end was a quality moment
  5. Were doing exactly what most hoped for at the beginning of the season, being a solid mid-table team
  6. And didn't Chris Garland score as well? Always had this game down as a turning point in our history.
  7. Pimms haha! If you asked for Pimms at Barton Hill or Whitehall rugby club you'd more likely get a thick ear!
  8. Its £1-50,surely you can find that in change. Its usually only stupid kids(my own included) and The Queen who dont carry any real money.
  9. And I'm not saying Vyner is a great fullback, but would Hunt have passed as inch perfectly? Very doubtful.
  10. Starman tune again- Theres a Weimann He will never hide He must play down the middle Waste of time out wide
  11. Pity he couldn't coach Fami
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