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  1. How about the old floodlights from the early 60s? Several pylons surrounding the pitch which, if I remember correctly , some bloke had to go round turning on one at a time?
  2. Has he ever used *lockdown"? Only a matter of time surely.
  3. What makes me feel old is the realisation that when I saw my first game at Ashton Gate (1964 ) there would have been people in the crowd that would have seen us play in an FA cup final.
  4. Well I can remember getting stuffed 7-3 at Oldham and still getting promoted. Mind you that was 55 years ago, and it was only 1 game.
  5. Definitely Blackpool, '96 They had 2 sent off - Micky Mellon being one of them- and we still lost 1-0.....
  6. We all know the feeling don't we..... the Saturday defeat spoiling the rest of the weekend - but by Monday we're looking forward to the next game. That's not what I'm seeing at the moment. When fans of many years standing start to find other things to do on a matchday then the alarm bells really should start ringing.
  7. Have I got this right? If a team has a slow over rate in the 1st innings and then, say, it rains for the rest of the match, does that mean they can't possibly have a points deduction because they were denied the opportunity to rectify the situation ?
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