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  1. John Galley joined us with his foot in plaster - don't know what he was like beforehand but he was pretty damn good afterward.
  2. How about the old floodlights from the early 60s? Several pylons surrounding the pitch which, if I remember correctly , some bloke had to go round turning on one at a time?
  3. Has he ever used *lockdown"? Only a matter of time surely.
  4. What makes me feel old is the realisation that when I saw my first game at Ashton Gate (1964 ) there would have been people in the crowd that would have seen us play in an FA cup final.
  5. Well I can remember getting stuffed 7-3 at Oldham and still getting promoted. Mind you that was 55 years ago, and it was only 1 game.
  6. Have I got this right? If a team has a slow over rate in the 1st innings and then, say, it rains for the rest of the match, does that mean they can't possibly have a points deduction because they were denied the opportunity to rectify the situation ?
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