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  1. for robins TV subscribers its available on audio BBC Bristol stream.
  2. Personally I use my iPhone and transfer the video to the Apple TV in the living room. If you have a Apple TV you could do the same with your iPad. Little tip: turn off the auto screen lock during the match otherwise when the phone/tablet locks the image is lost on the TV. Steve
  3. Using you are using the Bristol City App Store app it should work great. Assuming your internet connection is good enough.
  4. I honestly think West Brom will beat Derby. The issue is Boro. 6th place is now probably most likely theirs considering their fixture. That said pressure can do all sorts of things to the players on the day. We have almost no pressure in comparison as the outsiders. Who knows!
  5. The Sky commentator during the match Tuesday night did at least once say "Lee Johnson's Bristol City"
  6. Was thinking the same! Well said!
  7. a draw aint a bad result keep the gap up from Forest...
  8. I’m glad somebody started a thread on him today! The guy ran his socks off for the team and a unselfish pass for fammy to score the winner!
  9. Cant agree more, been listening from the 1st episode, he really comes across as a great down to earth guy who loves a laugh/drink (when appropriate of course )
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