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  1. Arrived this morning. Bring it on!
  2. The earliest game I can remember was the FRT Area Final against Hereford in 86! My Dad definitely took me down to AG before that game. First away game excluding Wembley was the FA Cup game at Filbert Street in 92.
  3. Another good interview. Great times in 07/08 but always feel gutted listening back on what could have been. Let’s hope Nigel can take us to the promised land!
  4. Agree that we need to change the name of the South Stand. We should also recognise the great contributions made by Alan Dicks, Harry Thicket and Terry Cooper around the stadium.
  5. Rotherham keeper having a blinder!
  6. Excellent news. One of only a few positives from this season is the conveyor belt of talent coming out of the Academy. Hopefully a few will remain around the first team squad next season.
  7. Well done City. Really enjoyed that performance today.
  8. Why do we have to keep changing the song. Everton wouldn’t move away from Z-Cars Theme.
  9. 30 years ago! The ground was absolutely rocking. Really miss the East End and nights like that. Unfortunately not the same any more.
  10. Anyone have the pictures of the plans for the original Atyeo Stand? I’m sure it was double the size.
  11. Has become a very important player for us. One of my favourite moments of the season was his interception run and cross for Wells on Saturday.
  12. Was great at both ends of the pitch.
  13. Quality. Please can we have a few of those badges at Ashton Gate please.
  14. Agree. Go and get your number one target next week.
  15. Enjoyed the pod last night with the various pieces of breaking news! Great to have the reaction immediately after games.
  16. Just checked Twitter: Bournemouth: 555K Followers City: 187K Followers Most people would say Bournemouth as the vast majority of football fans in this country only know about the EPL and Champions League. Had a conversation in work once and mentioned that Forest won the European Cup twice and was told that it didn’t count as it’s not the Champions League.
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