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  1. Could use a midfielder like him too
  2. Get Lee Bowyer in. Great job with them and sure he'll be leaving them after Wednesday
  3. Personally I think we are set up really well for a 433 but also the flexability to switch it up as needed. ------------------------------------Bentley/Niki-------------------------------------- Pereira/Hunt---Kalas/Wright---Moore/Baker---Dasilva/Rowe -----------------------------------Nagy/Smith---------------------------------------- -------------Massengo/Bakinson------Brownhill/Walsh---------------- ----Weimann/O'Dowda-------------------------Palmer/Eliasson-------- --------------------------------Afobe/Diedhiou------------------------------------- The two
  4. I love getting home from work, logging on to otib to see what is new with this fine club we choose to support to see such positivity! It's one game. The transfer window is still open. It will all be ok people.
  5. Interesting... Might have to get involved the as well. Amazing the lack of quality in that league this season when looking through the odds.
  6. Have I missed something with Peterborough? Usually a good shout for play offs but why the thinking they'll win it this year?
  7. Gutted. Fine margins I guess. On the positive note we're not far off being a very very good side in this division. Couple of additions in the summer and I think we're in for an even more enjoyable season next time around. Credit to the players for the effort in todays game. 9 out of 10 times we win that by a distance!
  8. Good save Niki!! Joe 'tobe fair' Morrell likes that one
  9. Absolutely dominated them so far! Sucks to be behind but can feel a couple of goals coming in the 2nd half. Derbys poor away record will see the nerves come on as well. COYR!
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