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  1. Cheap shots from players who thought they should be guaranteed to play because they warmed the bench at premier league teams. Bridges was one of the most disappointing signings I can remember and listening to his attitude here really explains why. Well done Gary for getting rid and going on to the success we had as soon as they were gone
  2. Could use a midfielder like him too
  3. Get Lee Bowyer in. Great job with them and sure he'll be leaving them after Wednesday
  4. Personally I think we are set up really well for a 433 but also the flexability to switch it up as needed. ------------------------------------Bentley/Niki-------------------------------------- Pereira/Hunt---Kalas/Wright---Moore/Baker---Dasilva/Rowe -----------------------------------Nagy/Smith---------------------------------------- -------------Massengo/Bakinson------Brownhill/Walsh---------------- ----Weimann/O'Dowda-------------------------Palmer/Eliasson-------- --------------------------------Afobe/Diedhiou------------------------------------- The two in attack with Afobe/Diedhiou can then be changed depending how wide or narrow we want to play. Have to say I like the look of that and the ability to switch easily to a 4-2-3-1 if desired as well. Very happy with this window and look forward to seeing this squad develop. Think it will take a bit of time at the start to gel but when it does... I'm predicting us to be the Villa of this season. Strong 2nd half to go up in the play offs. COYR!
  5. I love getting home from work, logging on to otib to see what is new with this fine club we choose to support to see such positivity! It's one game. The transfer window is still open. It will all be ok people.
  6. Who is Monoco? He slipped under the radar then
  7. Interesting... Might have to get involved the as well. Amazing the lack of quality in that league this season when looking through the odds.
  8. Have I missed something with Peterborough? Usually a good shout for play offs but why the thinking they'll win it this year?
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