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  1. well technically … unless you watched it at a mates house or on a free stream … you did pay to watch it as you were watching on sky sports
  2. So did his contract end in the summer and we’ve just signed him as a free agent ?
  3. He is terrible … just because he scored 1 goal doesn’t make him a good player
  4. If he’s alive and stable I can’t see why it would be called off . If it was still in the dark about his well-being then yes I can see why it would be called off
  5. Sing your national anthem now you sheep shaggers
  6. Why the **** are they singing the Welsh national anthem in the ENGLISH FOOTBALL LEAGUE
  7. Are you on any sort of medication ?
  8. I’ll say it again ... Woodrow will not fire us to the prem. even if we did go up with him in the squad ... he would NOT be good enough for the prem . so you my friend are the unbelievable one.
  9. Woodrow will not fire us to the prem
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