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  1. But we still have to accept that when a player shows real potential he's very likely to be snapped up by one of our rivals with parachute payments, you know the Fulham's Bournemouth's it's the old catch 22 we can't progress because we lose our best young players and we keep losing them because we don't progress. I have no idea what the solution is but hope that one day we manage to miraculously hold on to enough of them to make it to the top flight so we can start doing to other teams what they have for years been doing to the likes of us with no parachute payments, I know almost every club apart from the very top teams sells their best players but it would be nice to compete with the likes of the Norwich Watford and the Burnley's of this world.
  2. Again an example of cold hard statistics meaning nothing. I think 3-2 flattered them, it's a shame we conceded that late goal as I though 3-1 was probably a more accurate reflection of the game as a whole.
  3. pillred


    Huge fire has badly damaged the stadium at wolves.
  4. Did you think they could have got another 6,000 in the ground I didn't, maybe 3,500.
  5. Dominated the ball for the majority? they had a good start to both halves, but if you think they dominated the majority we must have watched the same game from a parallel universe.
  6. I wouldn't be, why would you? they are 3 teams in or around us with similar points we are also showing signs of improvement 5 points would be my hope and expectation though being city a WDL is most likely in any order.
  7. Yes they are playing well, but doesn't change the facts that if they somehow stay up they will have escaped sanction for past misdemeanours. I'm pretty sure when they where docked points it was to show that breaking the rules does not pay, in their case it might.
  8. There's talk of further sanctions against Derby, at the moment the way they are going if they escape the drop they will have escaped without punishment for all their misdemeanours
  9. Could this be the first game that 3 players get a hat trick?
  10. That's the frustrating thing we are playing well but will almost certainly have nothing to show for it.
  11. Yes it's annoying that's what parachute payments do, frustrating.
  12. Well that was a great half if you support Fulham for us it was a bloody nightmare, what is wrong with us we were the better team last week to this I despair.
  13. Not funny anymore. we are going to concede double figures at this rate.
  14. Commentators talking about taking Semenyo off us.
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