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  1. Sadly for me, what I saw from him today was exactly what I usually see, so this wasn’t just a poor performance, it was exactly the sort of performance I expect from him. Weak, Lazy, Off the pace, in-effective, and a passenger. if that was @ AG he would of rightly been Jeered, and probably booed as he was replaced. I wouldn’t be at all upset if I never saw him in a city shirt again, and sadly that’s much the same as my feelings on a lot of this current crop.
  2. Bakinson finally off. hopefully off the bus as well.
  3. Bakinson an absolute disgrace. Just like Birmingham away- pathetic
  4. We look like a a team who have literally just met each other.
  5. Best option here is a real downpour of snow. Call it off.
  6. They deserved that. how much space did he have! Embarrassing
  7. Atkinson the only one who could sit in and do a job from our options.
  8. Bakinson AGAIN too sloppy and slow to react.
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