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  1. No win scenario- if they said LFT/Covid passport people would moan. Having attended x2 England games and The Open (both entries required LFT/Covid passport) I was amazed that my LFT/Covid Passport wasn’t checked at all. My stance is if you want to wear a mask, wear one, if you don’t feel safe going to AG with these entry requirements, then that’s fine, but don’t go (as blunt as that sounds).
  2. TBF- LJ said after KP’s initial loan he wanted to sign him IF he could have a full pre season with him. In LJ’s defence, that never happened.
  3. Sorry to be pedantic- but it wasn’t his “first few games” it was 135 minutes- we all seem to be blinded by this- he’s not what we need, move him on.
  4. Murray and Carey never won a POTY award is criminal when you think Dele Adebola did. (Nothing against Dele)
  5. Attended the game- (in laws have Melksham links) A few choruses of “Irene” and “if you hate the shit stand up” (no seats for the majority) was amusing. also the own goal was comical. in summary - mind the gap.
  6. Good listen. Loved big Shaun- was classy and clever as a player. All our successful “promotion” seasons has seen us with a big, dominant, ball winning centre half- Taylor McCombe Flint Over to you now Nige, to go get us another one this summer!
  7. I’d take Keef over the current Keith and Simmo! #BringBackKeef
  8. Harsh but true. Andi Weimann has 0/none/zero/Zilch promotions on his CV. hes recovering from a substantial injury. The rumoured £20k p/w can be better spent. I like him, BUT he isn’t essential.
  9. Pack was so underrated- he is still a huge miss. I remember the hysteria after Nagy’s debut @ Birmingham (where he was very good) and the claims he was a massive upgrade- I think that’s been proved wrong. Pack a huge miss, Brownhill was exceptional in his last 6 months also and the whole Smith fiasco was embarrassing. 12 days of Ashton left!
  10. Just speak less! All jokes aside, you’re obviously experienced in this field but I think sometimes now managers are “out of the game” and in this format they’re maybe a bit more relaxed to give more insights so asking an open question, and then letting them go off on a tangent might give you/us more than you bargained for! the “a cider with” series are the perfect sweet spot IMO for the guest just being prodded into a subject and let to go Thanks for the efforts tho- some great content and looking forward to hearing more down the line! We’re spoilt with the great content we have from 3P’s, Osib and foreverbcfc
  11. Agreed @frenchred Just listened to the interview and thought there were lots of opportunities for John to answer a question in more detail before being talked over, or being told an opinion. especially the sacking part- felt like he was ready to give some more detail on how he found out etc and that was ruined by him being spoken over and told about Benny’s first 2 games. Appreciate the time and effort that goes into these, but maybe letting the guest have more air time might make it a more insightful piece of content.
  12. How we miss players with his endeavour and work rate. Always gave 100% and a thoroughly good bloke off the pitch.
  13. If COD is in our “best 11” come August I’ll be very disappointed. As you say Dave- 26 years old now- for me he’s one who should be moved on ASAP recouping as much as we can. a typical Ashton type signing- on paper, looks good- but on the pitch, he’s all fart, and no shit.
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