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  1. Not directly aimed at Holden being appointed, but having experienced how poor and expensive robins TV was for the final bits of last season, my option for the games that are played behind closed doors for next season will now be a refund. im sure I won’t be alone and I’m sure this will financially show the club the fans aren’t happy.
  2. Let’s assume it’s DH. Pre-season starts Monday. Who is on his shopping list for IN’s and who is going to be shown the door? he can’t use the “clean slate” approach of a new manager coming in- as he has been involved with everyone in the squad.
  3. When you think of it like that- worrying!! freeman, ayling, pack, Williams would all get straight in ahead of what we currently have IMO.
  4. The last of the double winning squad to depart- and what a servant he is. Adam Nagy isn’t anywhere near good enough, lots of pressure on Morrell and Walsh next season
  5. Probably my favorite player of that era! Loved TT, and comes across really well. @Shtanley Please get him on a cider with!
  6. Need Massengo on here to add some energy. Vyner is a liability.
  7. 3 assists for Andi Weimann Nahki doing what we signed him for.
  8. This will be classic Bristol City. main our remaining games and come up 1 point shy.
  9. He’s signed 51 players. this is not the time to blame the “trading” of players. that’s embarrassing and that’s enough.
  10. Consistently inconsistent or consistently useless.
  11. Great few snippets on twitter (apologies if shared elsewhere already). highlights how poor we are in midfield and then just how utterly useless and frustrating COD is. @jbcfc_ is an excellent follow and does some great in depth bits of analysis
  12. Blame everyone and everything but himself.
  13. Cameo run out when 3-1 down last week, and now today not even used from the bench, and clearly behind COD and Paterson in LJ’s thinking. what a waste of a talent. Would expect him to be off this summer as we also have Szmodics now back. add him to the list of players that LJ can’t manage/get the best out of.
  14. absolutely agree 100%. 8 games, GUNG HO! Play Palmer, Wells, Afobe- go for it
  15. Nope- was just being consistent with the stats comparison!
  16. the first few glimpses everyone talks about were 90 mins vs Birmingham, and 45 mins vs QPR. So 1.5 games of looking "good". He's weak, too slow, and offers nothing vs the shield, height, strength and passing ability of Pack, certainly not an upgrade.
  17. Djuric 27 games, 5 goals Pisano 29 games, 2 goals I wouldn't say either acquitted themselves that well
  18. Yes everyone was prettt much woeful yesterday. But HOW does this guy start, and play 90 mins? what does he offer? what is his position? what’s his role in the team? COD is a player who had 3-4 decent games before an injury. Before and after that he’s always been completely inconsistent, weak, and no form of a threat. I can’t see a way we can continually keep playing him when he gives us nothing!
  19. Add him to the list. Hegelar, Djuric, Engvall, Pisano, Marinovic,
  20. Marlon Pack. we sold him and replaced him with Adam Nagy, who had never played in this league, was smaller, less robust, and so far has proved to be a serious downgrade.
  21. 2020/2021 could be the season we operate with (finally) a smaller squad with some genuine “pathway” players. I’d be happy with a season using that squad with a change to see the likes of Moore, Walsh, Morrell, Bakinson, Szmodics, Palmer all utilised and played regularly. Bar Morell, LJ signed all these players.
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