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  1. Brilliant, there’s nothing like taking your young un to a game for the first time.It’s quite emotional,I took my girl to her first game aged around 5 and it took me back to my first game with my old man in 77 aged 6. I’ve tried to get the miserable old bugger out for a game with us but he won’t have any of it! glad you had a great day, experiencing the highs and lows but ending on a high !
  2. Unless building houses in Bradley Stoke then more like 10 to 1
  3. That or he’s going to finger someone to death
  4. Did they say to the kid on the right “ we haven’t got enough weapons,just hold your hands out and we’ll photoshop one in later”!
  5. I’ve been to very few away games but the one nil win at anfield was the most memorable, brilliant night. Two derby games at eastville stick in my memory,the first me and my old man were in the away end and we all got pelted with stones,one hitting me in the head.Can’t remember it doing much damage! The next time we played at eastville the old man decided it would be safer to stand with a young un quietly in the tote end instead! I remember thinking this doesn’t seem like a great plan. Before the game started a big crowd of city fans surged in chanting and obviously a big scrap went on which we just about managed to keep out of the way of. Anyone know which year this would have been?
  6. I see over on their forum there is another thread where someone is surprised at the amount of young kids wearing city shirts in kingswood.I’ve lived in the wood all my life and as a kid in the 70s more of the kids in my street supported city than the gas.I guess if your family had no ties to either club back then,you were probably more likely to end up supporting city as we were in the top flight back then.That was more or less my own situation, though my old man had been to a few gas games as a casual watcher.luckily he saw the error of his ways! By the time I was in secondary school I’d say it was probably 50/50 city/rovers in my year so my question is how far do you have to go back to when kingswood really was a staunch gas area?
  7. I was thinking the same earlier today,it’s amazing how constant the stream of entertainment is that flows from them. Just when you think there can’t possibly be more they churn out another beauty every time.
  8. First took my girl to a home game when she was 5,she loved it , I think that’s about the right age to start them off.She’s 9 now. First game for a long time this Saturday and we are looking forward to it. We don’t go that often and tend to make a day of it, trip down on the bus,boat across the harbour, meet up with friends in the pub etc.
  9. 1977 at home to Boro, Joe Royles 4 goal debut. Took by my Dad who wasn’t really a football fan but had been to a few gas games! I was 6 and had asked to go , my mates family supported City and I remember having a Ray Cashley card from one of those packets of a flat sheet of chewing gum.I think those two things sparked my interest.We stood in the east end and went regularly though never had season tickets. The smells,atmosphere and those horrendous concrete gutter east end toilets were what I remember more than particular games of that time. Think it was 70 or 75p to get in for a young un back then. Things have gone full circle now and I’m a dad taking their kid to games. My girl is 9 and loves the big day out, bus trip into town, boat across the harbour and meeting up with mates in the pub for pre game drinks. Hopefully get back to it soon!
  10. Yeah you're right,maybe I am worrying about nothing!
  11. I'm starting to worry that the gas will run out of new ways to entertain us , surely one day soon every way possible to embarrass themselves will have been used up.
  12. Maybe next Thursday we should stand on our doorsteps and give a round of applause to the posters of gaschat. I mean to take the time when the world is in such a dark place and provide more than half of our fair city with such quality light hearted entertainment to lift the spirits deserves recognition I'd say!
  13. Watched this game in the Rotunda in Kingswood (yeah it was a bit stupid in hindsight!) . There were 5 of us, 3 city and 2 gas plus around 60 more gas. After one of the goals my mate got whacked over the head with a pool que. somehow the idiot managed to pick a fellow gashead to clonk out of the 5 of us.We had to be rescued by the bouncers as we were severely outnumbered . My gas mate did not have a good evening, losing to city, whacked on the bonce then stitches put in by Brian tinnions cousin!
  14. Bought my 8 year old membership at the start of the season and have been buying tickets through it but haven't redeemed the free adult and child tickets yet.I couldn't see any way of redeeming them online or in the letter that came with the membership. Anyone on here know how to do it please? ( I know I could email the club but it's probably easier to ask on here) thanks in advance .
  15. Blimey, you'd think Mr Cockman would have got one of his friends to lay a bit of Tarmac down to make wheelchair access a bit smoother.
  16. I was wondering if maybe their owners realise going up could cost them more money that they've had a little word with the cockman about maybe doing not so well in future! Could be why he's so upset but surely even the gas wouldn't do something like that would they?!
  17. You are right ! Knock the fizzing off!
  18. Had a similar thing the other week after a game walking along the waterfront with my girl(age 7) . She had her city shirt on and we passed a few blokes coming the other way. One shouts out '**** the city, up the g*s'. Surprisingly rather than feeling anger it was more pity, how sad that someone feels the need to shout that in front of a small child! Shows how bitter some of them are, I say some as some of my good mates are g*s and are nothing like these muppets.
  19. Grew up and still live in the wood. I'm late 40s now and when I was growing up I'd say it was about 50/50 city/rovers with the people I knew.I started watching in 77 when we were div. 1 and I think being in the top league attracted a lot of young fans whose families had no alliance to either side. With the improved ground and us playing championship football you can only see the gap in fan numbers growing if things stay the same as its a similar situation for young fans with no family ties to one team or another.
  20. I take it that now they haven't lost for a few games they must be coming for us again!
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