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  1. Patchy info from an ex-player of ours who currently plays at Cardiff.
  2. Agreed. Pretty sure he’ll end up at Cardiff.
  3. FWIW, I have been told that AW is not entirely happy here and is unlikely to sign again, especially on reduced terms. Same was said about Jack Hunt....not that we offered him a new deal.
  4. So I managed to catch up with Flinty. - Never wanted to leave and would have stayed on terms less than boro were offering. - Referenced how lucky he was at City to play at Wembley and the amazing cup run. - Is not a fan of Mark Ashton....feels he just sold whatever he could without regard to the needs of the club (mentioned himself, Bobby, Joe, Webby). - Told him he was my favourite City player.....he replied ‘What do you mean Was!?!’ - Asked him if he knew how much the fans loved him for his ‘No, No’ about Swindon. It put a smile on his face! He said he loved the chant about it. - I asked him if he would come back given the opportunity....he replied ‘never say never, but I’m probably too old now for what City are doing.’ - Said he felt sorry for Dean Holden, said he’s a really great guy. - Said he’s in contact with Hunt and Andi W. - I asked if he looks out for our results, ‘Of course, and I want them to do well....but I want Cardiff to finish higher in the table. At that point I left. Top, top guy though and I loved every minute chatting to him.
  5. Now that I’m sadly heading back to Blighty, I’m happy to share some of my football encounters from the hotel. (I’ll leave out the numerous dreadful reality tv people here...!) I mentioned on another thread that at the start of the week I’d met three current city players in Kalas, Bentley and O’Dowda. I managed to have good chats with the first two and very brief with O’Dowda. By far the happiest to chat and most open was Bentley. A few of the highlights from bents were; - No transfer in the pipeline and the links on Twitter are just nonsense....flattering, but nonsense. - Really likes Bristol and is totally bought into the club with what we’re trying to achieve. Did mention how great the facilities are now etc. But wants to move forward as a club now, not just have potential. Really didn’t get the impression he would leave unless it was a ridiculous offer, plus the number one spot. - spoke really highly of Massengo. Thinks he’s a top talent and will have a big season next year. - Asked who he thought the best player at City was, but really struggled (not surprising considering the season we’ve had!!) eventually settled on Kalas. - Spoke about the players OOC and asked if it’s distracting to the team etc. Knowing players are running down deals. He said it’s not like that in the dressing room and it’s more just sad when mates move on - they just get on with playing. - On Pearson, he said he loves his straight forward approach and the players are totally bought into what he wants to do with the team. Also a positive word on Lansdown and everything he does for the club. So after meeting these guys, a number of players form other teams have been arriving, most notably yesterday was one Gary Cahill. Turns out he’s not ready to leave the Prem and come to the West Country! And finally, this morning, the wife points out a guy at breakfast saying he must be close to seven foot. It’s only bloody Flinty (and Marlon Pack, but he was not there for the first moment of excitement!) Sadly the wife has no idea why this has topped them all for me. I’ve sent her to google Flint, Hat-trick, Walsall. Hopefully that will do the trick.
  6. Interestingly, Bents and Kalas are hanging out together but O’Dowda is off elsewhere sunbathing.
  7. Both just came down for breakfast! Wouldn’t have believed it if you hadn’t called it out.
  8. I can confirm Dan is indeed on holiday with his family. Literally just had breakfast opposite him!!
  9. And that’s why the Johnson tombola is no more!
  10. What if Holden takes us up???
  11. Not a question about how you want to spend your evening. Looking at the wide spectrum of thoughts about our next potential manager, I’m curious to know what the general consensus is..... - Compact, disciplined and somewhat dull football but promotion (Mourinho esque) - Entertaining, attacking football but never quite making it, resulting in season after season of final day heartbreak. Personally, I can live without top flight football if I’m excited about a Saturday.
  12. Yes we’ve progressed, but from Streaky or Stevie?
  13. The point being, have we improved because of him or the investment made in the team.
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