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  1. Get well soon Steve, you are my hero! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to action soon. We miss you at city!!!
  2. Thoughts from a Villa mate: "Very good footballer and can pick a pass. Always impressed in cup games but the moment he was given an opportunity in the league he just never turned up. The game passed him by. Championship is definitely his level and he has the ability to make a real impact if his head is right." I guess we'll see but seems baffling, especially now Palmer coming into some kind of form
  3. Actually they showed the initial block which wasn't over but it was after that fumble when it actually did cross (they didn't use the tech). But yeah it's really a moot point cos we were absolute tosh and didn't deserve it
  4. He gives the ball away a lot and misses a lot of chances. He's a massive liability. Have mate who's a Huddersfield fan says he was the same there
  5. Awful signing. Screwed up our playoff ambitions last season when he arrived and has been sub par this season too. Makes so many mistakes every game and hardly ever scores. Get rid in Jan, he's trouble
  6. Don't think he'd cut the mustard there
  7. Can't see any mention of this anywhere. Anyone know if it's gonna be possible to watch tomorrow's match on Robins TV or elsewhere?Not sure what the rights issues are with Carabao Cup.
  8. Hopefully he'll get a little run in the team now. Time we saw the back of Watkins, who is literally a waste of space
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