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  1. Clark’s have always been pie on ears of fine cuisine.
  2. Excellent post and 100% with you regarding our inability to keep the ball!
  3. Great post MM which got me thinking, my reply would be in terms of right now and of those who’ve featured most regularly this season. Keep x11 (more than I expected) Bentley Kalas Tanner Atkinson DaSilva Baker Massengo James Scott Williams Pring Bin x5 Simpson O’Dowda Martin Bakinson Palmer Unsure x4 Semenyo Weimann Vyner Wells
  4. BBC coverage…https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58775879
  5. Here’s the stats Points dropped / gained due to late goals (in the last fifteen minutes of games) last season Away to Barnsley - 2 points Home to Swansea +1 point Away to Bournemouth - 1 Away to Huddersfield + 2 Home to Derby + 2 Away to Reading -1 Home to Birmingham -1 Home to Blackburn + 2 Home to Wycombe + 2 Home to Portsmouth next round of the FA cup Away to Swansea + 2 Home to Bournemouth -1 Away to Sheffield Wednesday +1 Away to Wycombe - 1 Overall + 5 points This season so far Home to Blackpool - 2 points Away to Forest Green Rovers - meaning a penalty shoot out which we lost 6-5 Home to Luton - 2 points Away to QPR + 2 points Home to Fulham + 1 point Away at Peterborough + 2 points Home to Forest - 3 points Overall - 2
  6. Spot on and NP has made this clear too, although in slightly different terms. It’s not going to be resolved quickly, we have incremental improvements to look forward to.
  7. And our next home game is Barnsley = a defo home win
  8. Character building at times being a City fan, isn’t it!
  9. Not sure my heart can take this second half if we continue to play the game only in our half.
  10. 50 minutes to go so won’t shout too much, just yet
  11. We have given it away cheaply x2 already with only 7 minutes gone!
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