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  1. I posted this a while back. I cannot imagine there is any way he will continue as a player. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/feb/28/concussion-in-sport-cte-found-in-more-than-half-of-sportspeople-who-donated-brains
  2. Your work is hugely appreciated. The time they take must be huge!
  3. This does bode well for next season. Playing rather well now.
  4. Now 3! Great play from AS and finish from CM. having trouble keeping up........
  5. Very entertaining game. Lovely vision from AW and superb finish from AS for the second. Very potent partnership.
  6. Would have been happy with a point beforehand but now disappointed. Surely a good sign?
  7. Was fearful of today but the guys have put in a pretty good performance so far and had WBA on the back foot. Their defence does look a little rattled. More of the same second half.......fingers crossed......
  8. Wells made that look easy. Thought it was going past him.
  9. Superb third goal on the break from City youngsters.
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